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Game will not load


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I have been able to play the game fine until the last update. The game starts, gets past the THQ nordic and Haimemont games loading screens - then crashes without any warning. There are several people that have been having this issue over on Steam.


Is there a fix for this? I cant find any threads about this crash here...

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I've also posted a similar thread on this issue. 

Random crashes, Not able to load any saved games. Mostly after a few minutes.
And my system is a decent one, playing DCS and COD without any issues.

I tryed every possible solution that i could find on the internet. Even reinstalled Windows. With no joy.


Until i reloaded my BIOS to the default settings, JA3 runs like a charm.
So i reconfigured my BIOS step by step, untill JA3 crashed again. 
And i found my problem/solution.

My DDR4 memory is a Kingston HyperX blabla something on 3200Mhz. But only on the X.M.P. profile (2) 
When i keep this on default (with no X.M.P. Profile active) JA3 runs like a glove. 


For some reason this game is not swollowing my memory overclocked (X.M.P. is basicly a manufacture overclocking setting)
All my other games runs fine with it.

But as long i play JA3, 2400Mhz will do just fine 😉


Maybe this is also a solution for you.


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