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Admins on the Discord forum admitted, that they never even played JA2.


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18 hours ago, Fritz64 said:

To me detrimental and game breaking features of 1.13 include:

1) AP points and costs - which alters the flow of battles from the original

2) Inventory - making it overly complicated

3) Militia - also overly complex

The last build of 1.13 I played (years ago), these weren't optional so I gave up on it for good.  I now play Jagged Alliance 2 Stracciatella or the original JA on Steam for my fix.

All of those are options in the .ini file from the start. They slowly added some options to the game menu as toggles.. but most options you simply put a number or TRUE or FALSE next to the line in the .ini.

Except the AP. It maybe is an option, but I've never looked, so can't say it is.

Hey, I mean, if you don't like it.. it isn't like you have to play with it. I can't say I agree with your assessment of the 100 AP changing the flow of battle, because it's simply a setting that multiplied other ap costs by 4 to add a little bit more wiggle room to have variety between the hundreds of added firearms.. just so you don't end up with 25 pistols that all have the same stat; now we can have a slightly quicker pistol, a slightly slower pistol. In the end, if something would have cost you 1 AP in the original 25 AP system, it will simply cost 4 AP in the 100 AP system.

You don't have MORE AP than before..

But you know, I sorta understand that you want to play Jagged Alliance 2 1.12 and not 1.13. That's ok. In the end we're as much a fan of what made JA2 great, and that's all that matters.

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