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  1. While I agree, that I would prefer them to focus on the single player aspect because that's also how I've always played these (because never played Deadly Games).. ..for one thing, the Multiplayer part of the 1.13 mod is pretty fantastic! Not only is it incredibly tactical to choose a map, your mercs, and play against a buddy in a Turn-Based game of JA.. but it simply adds an extra layer of playability, options and friendly competition. It REALLY does have something to offer in that department.... once there is a solid single-player base.
  2. Yeah, I know the feeling. I think sometimes we want to recreate some feelings we had when we first discovered some of the titles that have really left their marks in our memory.. and unfortunately, many modern games just don't cut it. Sure there are plenty of gems out there, but sometimes, the time and situation might make us skip or simply not even notice that gem. The only modern games that have left a real mark for myself, since the late 90's/early 2000's would have been the Mass Effect saga, Soma, Subnautica and Resident Evil 2 Remake. A few stragglers here and there that were really cool, but mostly games I play once and never really go back to.
  3. Fallout 1 & 2 are must-plays really! They are, in my mind, basics of computer RPG's in the same vein as Baldur's Gate 1 & 2, Jagged Alliance 2, The old X-Coms, Silent Storm.. I might be forgetting a few, but yeah.. I'll go check out your review, thank you!
  4. I think so! Like preset radio news while walking by a town, where they talk about the gain or loss of the most recent city or sector that was lost or captured.. with some flavour talk added. This is a little bit like the idea of the "newspaper" articles in a version of 1.13 I believe (I know other games have also touched this style of thing with newspaper articles in loading screens and such). AWESOME IDEA!
  5. I did try to reinstall it recently, and I had trouble running the game (the GOG version too).. but I remember playing it just a few years ago. I do believe I might eventually NEED to get a 60hz monitor, because I changed it for a 144Hz, and while it is so much better 90% of the time, a few older 3d titles don't run very well... even gives games like Fallout3/New Vegas too many issues. But yeah SS is very enjoyable, the combat can be very hard sometimes and you can easily put yourself in some deadly situations. The destructible mechanics are absolutely fantastic and beat ANYTHING new actually. I hate you @Hendrix, now you reminded me that I must go play that game again.. Don't you understand I already have such a big backlog of games I've never played!?! 🍻
  6. This really made me laugh! 😂😂🤣 We need to make them feel guilty for making us wait for so long... 🤣🤣🤣
  7. This please! @LoboNocturno This is among the best ideas I've heard in a long time! I wold like it to be dynamic. Meaning, when there is some tense situation, or battle, there has to be music to make you FEEL something is going on. But outside of combat, I want to hear the wind, the leaves, the frogs and crickets. when I walk into a village, I want to hear the noise of a nearby vehicule, some voices talking near a bar, some birds flying by. I wish we could pin this post.
  8. Oh hell yeah!! I would definitely enjoy playing a game with my fellow JA fans here! 🍻
  9. Well, I'm no psychologist, but maybe this is where we can start seeing how everyone will enjoy different aspects of different content. You know, like between what one finds acceptable as "boring" or "action-packed" can have an effect on what you will want for the next game. I think I am more laid-back. I like Forgotten Weapons, Hickock45, Paul Harrel, Iraqveteran8888, ... I'm NOT saying they are better, but I prefer the way they bring us the information and the shooting, I see more of the type of personality I think I am with these Youtubers than others who are a little more entertaining and "explosive", like demolitionranch, fpsrussia, etc.. And I think this also shows in the way I will play my games. I enjoy taking all my sweet time in inventory management, thinking what weapon would this or that merc want to use, what kind of gear would make sense to give them. What vest would he or she wear, depending on the experiences they've had (I will put alot of roleplay into the equation). Maybe JA2 is a more analytical and slow game compared to something like the modern xcom or Rage, that take you mission to mission quicker without having to deal too much with micr0-management in between? Typing this just made me realize.. You see? I like to analyze things just to understand the reason of this or that.. and those Youtubers explain those types of things. (Jeez, I should have become a psychologist or something! 🤣)
  10. 1. I agree, nice maps with a natural feel that force you to use your head to get to cover or take risk. (one of the problems with many turn-based games is the constant "cover-to-cover", like xcom. The maps are built FOR the game, with walls and cover strategically placed to help or hamper movement and cover. Jagged Alliance 2 was the opposite. Maps were built to be a representative realistic country (to a playable scale).. meaning, you had to either find your own cover or even sometimes fight in the open, use diversion tactics, smokes, suppression to either pin the enemy down, or yourself retreat to a safer area. 2. I doubt we would get THAT much vehicle freedom to be honest, but having a jeep/hummer/toyota hilux as a place to store a bunch of HK G3's, or maybe mount a technical.. would love that! 3. Weapon variety is somewhat important after being spoiled by 1.13. But I don't expect THAT many to be honest, as weapons in 1.13 much simpler 2D image to add with stats. In this game, they will be modeled in 3D (I expect). I would in this case prefer quality over quantity.. if you give me 20 different AK variants, I want to see the model look different.. but that is more modding territory. I'd be satisfied with slightly more weapons than JA2 + UB combined.. as long as we can get attachments and some special unique weapons. When I say quality > quantity; I would prefer well balanced weapons with realistic stats and "damage" compared to weapons that level their damage with the player (I don't want to start with a 9mm pistol that does 20 damage, and late in the game find a 9mm pistol that does 40 damage, because of my level). 4. Keep in mind JA3 isn't happening in 2020. It has to stay a little bit like JA2, because we are dealing with a sligthly retro era of tech if I'm correct, so we can't have crazy websites. Back then, stores weren't like what we see in the net nowadays. This is also why JA2 was so immersive, it felt like a laptop of the 90's with an interface of the 90's and websites of the 90's. Anyways, I like your points!
  11. I guess this might be where our opinions differ, and they are only opinions, naturally. (I like sharing my opinions and hope they stay friendly) 🍻 Rage was the first JA game I never completed, I actually only played about an hour before I quit and uninstalled because it really didn't feel like Jagged Alliance in any way. Jagged Alliance is about choice, inventory, management. Actually, if there was one word I could use to sum up the gameplay of Jagged Alliance 1 & 2, it would be "FREEDOM". You have the ultimate freedom of approaching situations in any way you want, from all out assault to trying to sneak, either day or night. This freedom means everyone will have a different style of play, from different mercs we compose our teams of (from our own stereotypes, "racism", fondness, etc..), or different types of weapon styles, etc.. there is something for EVERYONE. I felt rage was a little bit like JA Online in taking away freedom and giving you set puzzle pieces to challenge you, maybe a little closer to the modern xcom formula. Unfortunately, without going into too much detail here, because many know my viewpoint on the modern xcom; let's just say, I did finish xcom 1 & 2, and I've never went back. Not my style. For myself, I really hope they stick to the original formula, which was very unique and would be something that would make it standout from the overcrowded xcom-clones we have. If we get anothe xcom-like game, it'll simply sit somewhere in a wishlist of "maybe I will eventually play it after a heavy sale". Sorry if this is not exactly what you wanted to hear... I mean, if you enjoyed Rage? then I mean that is really good and it's nice to see someone not thrash talk it in a way.
  12. To each his own, I have nothing against consoles, honestly! I think consoles are great for certain types of games more than others. I do think strategy games with complexity and large inventory and macro/micro-management such as Jagged Alliance 1 and 2 not ideal on console; not impossible, just not ideal. IF and ONLY IF it was possible not to water down the game for consoles... then, why not?
  13. Well, hello Boian! We'll try to not tear you to shreds in happiness here; I promise I'll try my best anyways... ... wait, I think we've compiled a 500-page book of needs, wants, features and luxuries we want. It'll be easier that way than repeating everything here, right? Just kidding. Seriously, as much as I want MY version of JA3, I expect to see seomthing YOU are proud of working on. I am extremely anxious (but patient) to see what you guys share with us. I'm looking for that conversation we had quite a while back about looking back at our gunracks and tying up the devs to chairs. We have demands. We have guns, chairs, rope... anyone have some glass jars and RDX crystals? 🤣 @Haemimont_Boian I promise those are non-violent threats in reality! 🍻
  14. Honestly, I want to see the ACTUAL direction they chose to take for this game. I know I've had this conversation with a few friends here, and while some are ok with the game being closer to modern xcom, I am opposed to that concept. I just want to be able to put my expectations where they should be. Will we have perk-like abilities (throwing two grenades kinf of BS) or will we have something way less restrictive like original JA? Sure I am anxious to see what the graphics will be like; but from Haemimont Games, I'm not worried in the looks department (if it's anything like Surviving Mars, it'll look good). All I want at this point, is to see the MECHANICS of the game. I honestly don't even care about the roster, and because of cultural differences, I have no expectations about the type of humour like Jagged Alliance 2.
  15. I also don't expect the game for 2022 or 2023. I think a few months ago, I was expecting or thinking mid 2023.. but yeah, not anymore. This morning I saw this (below) on YouTube. The VERY short 'snippet' they show of Jagged Alliance 3 is a fraction of the CGI video they showed us at reveal. While I know VERY little of game development in general, it -slightly- worried me that in over 6 months, they still only show the CGI part. No gameplay. Maybe it is because they decided to rework the gameplay part after all our whining? 😂 (if it is like in a dream and it actually is the case, then seriously.. I will buy the game twice and gift myself a few more copies as well.. 🤣).
  16. Thank you @Wigen! Sincerely, I appreciate the time you take to relay back to us the information you gather. I don't follow much social or discussion places.. and I always look forward to whatever information you provide here. 🍻 I think they should hire you to help them out, because you do a great job at it 🙂 With that information you mention, I'm happy to hear they are working hard on this. Gives a little bit of hope... although, it's like you mentionned; how hard can it be to simply give this information on their own official community website? Ah well, it is what it is. They probably figure a single word here will start a worldwide revolution (because we are such hardcore fans).
  17. That's an interesting idea. I wonder how the development of Surviving Mars went (HG+Paradox). Anyone followed that one? To be honest, I never really join a community for a game; I usually only follow normal updates through e-mail subscription and on Youtube or basic Facebook posts. This is probably the first I've been active on a "forum" since early days of the Bears Pit for JA2 modding guides and information.
  18. Isn't Clear and Present Danger with Harrison Ford? I do like that era of action movie. They we're a little over the top, but not like todays over-the-top stuff... that is REALLY over-the-top. I don't know if you even understand what I mean, oh well. 😅 I really like those other movies you mentionned. Sure they are action movies, but they have less of a "Hollywood" feel than like Tears of The Sun (although I sort of liked it too). I'll have to dig up the names, but at one point I did watch a few very good Korean and Chinese war/political movies in those types (I don't mind subtitles).
  19. Yeah, that's kind of the way I should have worded it initially. This isn't so much about not getting updates on the game itself, and more about this place being pretty much empty of those who created it.. and what they said this place would be like. As much as I really like everyone else here, the initial reason I joined was so that I could interact with the devs and share my thoughts. This is THEIR invitation and original post:
  20. I wouldn't take things THAT far really. I didn't give them a penny yet and my time here is time I actually enjoy sharing with other fellow Jagged Alliance enthusiasts. The people here we constantly share with are awesome people with a passion for the same game, I do not see it as a waste of time. I come to this site a few times a week simply to see what others are talking about and sharing. I would expect any official information to come by the means of a video (YouTube) or social website update (Facebook, Twitter, etc..). I have not fallen into that camp of completely thinking the game is dead, because a company would not waste money keeping a community site up and running for a dead game that was cancelled. I simply believe there was miscommunication between the different branches and this section was "forgotten". Honestly, 7 months of silence after a game is announced isn't that "rare". I keep refering to Bethesda games, because I've been following some of their releases pretty closely, but Starfield was announced years ago and we didn't hear a word for over a year after it was teased. Same for Elder Scrolls VI. Why I think it is frustrating in this case, is because when they announced the game, they seemed to already have some gameplay footage and cutscene CGI pretty well done. It gives the impression of being in mid or final stage of development. If you've followed many of our posts and banter here, you'll also realize most of us have our own thoughts about the footage they showed, from feeling like this will maybe fail like every attempt before.. so I do not think it is false hope keeping us here. Simply an interest, an enthusiasm to see somethign succeed, or at least see where it goes. If the project was put on hold, or cancelled, well... so be it! For the moment, we wait and see. In any case, I keep coming back here mainly because I enjoy this community!
  21. Thanks guys! Maybe, as you guys point it out, this isn't Haemimont Games' fault. Maybe they are under strict orders to keep it 'zipped'. In any case, this silence, just doesn't feel right at all. I'm glad you guys could share some of your input here, it helps me see some ways of seeing the situation I haven't really thought of. I mean, I don't have the same background and 'culture' as some of you here, in terms of big corporations and such. But having such a strong disconnect is odd. I mean, I would figure if you have a "big" project you were working on, you would have some updates to provide to the world even if not much, just at least to keep hopes, hype and interest. To this effect, I appreciate that a game takes years to develop. But this is one of the things I really appreciate Bethesda for. I also have to make it clear, I realize we cannot 'compare' studios, as they have different methods. Bethesda are in no way a perfect studio, but if I take for example Starfield; it's already been announced quite some time ago!! But they have released little bit of info here and there. They make some community videos where they simply talk about some of the features they like working on. They tease us with tiny clips. While I'm not one who likes "overhype", I do appreciate getting some information every now and then. Keeps my interest, keeps my expectations in check, gives me little bits of info, etc.. Haemimont Games do videos and other events, so they must have a team that takes input who can push for whoever is in charge. So I'm going to try and post comments concerning the situation whenever I see a YouTube or Facebook post from them. Maybe at some point a message will get through.
  22. Guys, I'm pretty certain many of you are pretty tired of the dead silence. How many of us have joined this forum day one, or within a few weeks? ...and there has litteraly not even been a SINGLE communication from the devs, publishers or anything. This is THEIR community website THEY opened. We joined it... and well, they decide to go dead quiet!? It isn't like we're not trying to keep it alive! So far, every one here has been super cool. I've met fans and ppl I can somehow feel like I have become acquainted with. This is a super friendly place, all of us have been extremely mature in our conversations. No flaming, no wars, no insulting. We haven't even needed moderators or anything. It's really awesome to chat with fellow fans from around the world.. but I feel this community is seriously lacking one MAJOR thing; INPUT FROM WHOEVER IS WORKING ON JAGGED ALLIANCE 3! Anyways, I went to Haemimont Games facebook and posted a comment about this on their last post. And I am not here to want to start a "revolution", but I feel like just keeping quiet won't change anything.. so if anyone else is also inclined, it might be time to voice our concerns on their DEAD SILENCE any way we can. I'd rather hear they dropped the game than hear nothing.

    April Fools'?

    April Fool's jokes using the world situation would not sound so much out of line considering the sense of humour Jagged Alliance is known for... but somehow, part of me thinks these kinds of "jokes" don't work so well in this "woke" world of crap where if you say the wrong joke, you lose your job. Maybe the article is a joke. I would certainly hope so, because if they cancel (or put an entire game on hold) with the explanation being Ivan.. that is absolute BS and they were never even serious about the game in the first place. Anyways, as @Hendrix mentionned: I agreee fullheartedly! Ivan is a character in a video game, he is of Russian culture and was a soldier and now a mercenary. Having him in a game doesn't make you a supporter of the war or the choices and morality that a leader of a nation has imposed on its people. If in ANY case, the game, character or anything is changed because of real-world political situations, I'm sorry, but that is a sign of pandering to public opinion. ... but I am not surprised ... Every big corporation has to jump on the bandwagon of banning eveything Russian, right? Because Russians are evil bad people. What bs hipocrisy! I love my Russian brothers and sister as much as my Ukranian brothers and sisters... as much as any other culture or person. -PS- Apologies for a long-winded rant. I needed to let it out.
  24. I don't remember seeing that. Make sure it is version 1.1.37 If you can confirm it is the right version, try the 3 files from any of the folders. Test the game, if no improvement, delete those and try the other folder. Let me know if it doesn't work.
  25. 1. a pretty good-looking game that I need to try! 2. another Strategy game, not as good as THIS one. 3. too much for me to think about at the moment. 4. a game my Pentium 100MHz is too slow to run.. damned, I need to go back to Arulco! I'll definitely pick choice 1 for this one! (+1 to gamer specialization!) I know graphics aren't everything. But, in this case, they are incredibly charming. I like the slightly pixelated but extremely detailed sprites and "3D" world map. This games graphical style is reminiscent of JRPGs in terms of looks, but like you said, HOMM in terms of gameplay. I think I might pick this one up simply because the looks have really impressed me! Thanks for repeating it, haha.. 🍺
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