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  1. I've got some spare straps, anyone have some spare chairs?
  2. For anyone who likes Turn-Based games, mostly Strategy, I HIGLHY recommend checking out Slitherine/Matrix Games. https://www.slitherine.com/ They are one of those longtime dev/pubs that stick to what they know, from higher to lower budget games with a more old-school approach. Most of their games are slightly larger scale than squad-based, but they do tackle various historical, fantastic and military styles. They do make many Cpose Combat style games too.
  3. @Hendrix ^ That doesn't work from my phone, only from my PC. Yes, that was a good video! The stage I would have enjoyed the most is the trench one. It's been a while I haven't ordered anything from Varusteleka. I am due for some more Scho-Ka-Kola... A couple years back, they got a big shipment of Sweidsh M90 Pants and Shirts... I was trying to checkout from my phone at work and something wasn't working right with my password for paypal.. when I got home, my sizes we're all gone.
  4. Uh-oh... like these guys...
  5. When I took my firearms safety course, I had mentionned an attraction to the lever-action rifles, and without going into much detail, explained it was a model similar to one my grandpa used to hunt with when he was a young adult (an old Marlin .30-30). The teacher almost stopped me in my words to tell me lever-action rifles aren't good enough for hunting necause they're innacurate, unreliable and full of bs. Naturally, me the "newbie" to firearms, how can I reply to a veteran firearms handler? Anyways, .30-30 is still made and easy to acquire for deer hunting; lever-action rifles are still used and carried by brush hunters because of the reliability and accuracy even with a shorter barrel. I personaly don't hunt, nothing against it, I just have too much of a soft spot for animals and between a rifle and my camera, i'd carry my camera. I do have respect for serious hunters though.. I'll trust my grandpas sotires, because I know he's honest, but also he's done it his entire life almost. Some ppl just want you to "KNOW" they KNOW things.
  6. Lunch time, what else would I do but watch Youtube.. 🙄 I have a soft spot for old "wild west" style rifles. On the top of my list of "guns to purchase.. someday, anyways" is a Marlin or Winchester lever action. Either in rifle caliber (.45-70 or .30-30) because my grandfather has often had stories hunting with such calibers, or pistol cartridge like .357, .44, etc.. because it's old school. Your Sauer and Tikka reminded me of one of my favorite modernized retro rifle, Marlin 1895 SBL (same rifle as the one the main actor uses in Jurassic World 1).. Something about the lever action, mox of wood and rails that just really grabs my attention. Grey wood, stainless steel.. So, anyways, lunchtime, I found this baby, and somehow, "racher" made me think of you, haha!
  7. The uncle I'd be visiting very often... 🤣 As much as I love and spend way too much time on Youtube, I've noticed that I don't like channels that I feel "brag" too much about their stuff/techniques/the right/wrong way to do things. I like those like hickok, forgotten weap, harrel, etc.. who are simply passionate about what they do and humble about it. Same goes for any other hobby I follow. Being humble and down to earth is a nice quality. Like you say, who cares WHAT or how much $$$ spent on things; what matters is if you really enjoy what you have, appreciate it and realize not everyone has the same situation/circumstances.
  8. Small world 🍻 The HK VP70M, 2200rpm, can't hit a single thing with that, still... I'd give my grandma (not really 🤭) to burst that!! I also enjoy those channels for the "honest" content. Also for the more laidback vids: hickok45 and iraqveteran8888. Oh man, I agree so much on the "elitist" type channels! I really like Paul Harrels stuff, no bullcrap and overdone videography. Some just take their information and "counseling" to such a seriously high level of snobbery... Not for me! 🤭
  9. I know this is a stretch in almost every aspect; especially gameplay and theme. A couple years ago, the Resident Evil 2 Remake caught my eye... ...and it really grabbed my attention; absolutely loved that game! I've always "kinda" liked the Resident Evil movies with Milla Jovivich, mostly for theme and just as some cheesy action/horror weekend movies. But not really growing up around consoles, I had never played any of the Resident Evil games and until this remake, had never even really thought of it much. RE2R sent me down the rabbit hole and I've set myself the goal to play every game in proper order. It's been a little bit of a roller coaster ride; loved 1-3, hated 4, didn't care much for 5 & 6, back in love with 7 and looking forward to 8/Village during the winter holidays. So why the heck am I talking Resident Evil here? GUNS!!! 🤭 I didn't expect a zombie/virus/horror franchise to really go out of its way in recreating unpopular, odd or rarely heard-of firearms. Nothing that will blow us gun nuts out of our brains, but enough to give the game a sense of gunnutery that I am perfectly fine with (which is a hard thing to please my type). Resident Evil 2 Remake's primary protagonist is most seen with the Mathilda (HK VP70M). Even Jagged Alliance 2 1.13 doesn't have that interesting pistol. They've even recreated the buttstock/holster that unlocks 3-round bursts! (Not nearly as fast as the 2200rpm of the real VP70M, but still a decent effort). Anyhow, that was my rant of the day. 😇 Hopefully JA3 will give us a few very out-of-the-ordinary firearms to play with.
  10. I probably spend as much time maintaining my Steam Wishlist to bring myself back down to earth as I do thinking of the games I'd like to try. And I still have installed games I planned on playing... 4-5 years ago. I just don't have the same mental fortitude as I used to; so I often end up stretching out games that I could have finished (in a long weekend) over a month or so.
  11. I've been under the impression it will be sci-fi "skyrim", or something similar to a Mass Effect/Elder Scrolls fusion. While I got the impression there would be some sort of space flight, I was thinking less flight sim and more transport to another city/location. But maybe there will be more space flight than I thought of.
  12. Is anyone following PHANTOM BRIGADE ? It's been in early access for some time, and while you can't buy in now on Steam, you can through Epic. I know it isn't exactly in the same vein as JA, but it looked like an interesting game and the game mechnics see pretty neat.
  13. Hi @THQN Fabian, thank you for getting this community setup. So far this small community of fans is quite alot better at discussing the game without becoming like the Steam discussions pages. Anyways, hope we're not giving you too much of a hard time... I think there are alot of fans here who want answers NOW. Me included.. but I take it many of us are in our mid thirties or older (average?), so I think we can comprehend. What kind of games do you like? (and no, that is not a test question of any sorts, whether you're a nutjob like some of us with Jagged alliance has no bearing on that question)
  14. I have no sources for this knowledge, so pleasr take my opinions as opinions only. I have come to believe that the Forum and Website was setup by THQNordic and they either haven't properly informed Haemimont Games of that HG wasn't ready to take time from the devs to frequent the forums yet. I think this because the home page for Jagged Alliance 3 (www.jaggedalliance.com) has this when you scroll down to the Community section invitation: Copy/Pasted: Join the Jagged Alliance Come join our community of turn-based RPG and hardcore JA fans from all over the world! Get plugged in with others who are curious about JA3 and those who love JA from the “good old days.” In the future, we’ll be posting regular DevDiaires to give a unique behind-the-scenes perspective of how we’re building this game to be a true successor for a beloved franchise. We also love interacting with our fans and are quite active on the forums. Our goal is to create an environment for all types of gamers to find friends, talk about the game, and much, much more. Sign-up now and jump into the conversation today!
  15. Freedom... ...to do what you want, how you want, when you want. This is what I love so much about Jagged Alliance. No limitations. I can give Biff some RDX and ask him to go plant a bomb... It is also why I have more trouble really likign the new ways of making simplified games. I can give Flo a Heavy Machine Gun and make her run until she falls from fatigue... These are stupid examples.. but they go to prove that I have complete freedom to do whatever I want with the mercs, regardless level, skills, abilities or if they are even good at something. I have the freedom to see them fail as miserably as I want to risk them. To me, SUPPRESSION is an important aspect that combines well with physical bullets that can actually travel and hit objects or others in the path. I hope they have both these basic features!
  16. It is an interesting idea. Personally, I would have made it independant of caliber though. A PPSH should have as much suppresive effect as a FN Minimi in terms of when you hear bullets whiz by your head, you don't think what kind of bullet, you simply react and put your head down. Now, I do believe a higher rate of fire should help create, as you mentionned, more suppression. An MG42 or PPSH would have an incredible effect as you really duck compared to something slower like a Thompson. Amount of bullets is a good consideration. I like this topic, but somhow, I believe suppression will be like on the modern xcom/phoenix point. It will be an ability that you activate that will keep an enemy from shooting bac or moving, or reaction fire, etc. I think, what do you think?
  17. I was trying to find a way to answer your previous posts and wasn't sure how to without writting a book. Hendrix pretty much summed up what I had in mind. In Jagged Alliance, I can personally spend 1-2 hours in a game session just looking over equipment and giving a different kit of equipment to a large squad of mercs. I am like that. Jagged Alliance has a nerdy side to it that sucks some of us right into it more than just doing batttles after battles after battles. Diablo II is the opposite, that is one of the most played games of its generation by how many players? Almost anyone you talk to has played it, and in all my gamer friends, I've never even met a single person who even knows what Jagged Alliance is. In Diablo, it is fast and easy to get in with almost no learning curve and it is easy to pick up even if you didn't play for years. Jagged Alliance 2 has a learning curve that required me to read through the manual the first time I tried playing it because I didn't know how to play it at all. Most ppl hate reading. I can almost take a guess that most real JA fans are probably the type who enjoyed going through game manuals as much as playing the game. It is for the niche of gamers like those who like wargames (not Starcraft, I mean games like Hearts of Iron style games). I want so much complexity, but such a game would not sell and could not even sell on a console. Consoles. This game will release on consoles as well, so they will be making many simplifications to adapt. Like Hendrix said, it isn't what I want, it's an unfortunate reality of the generation we are in. Your arguments are all good, and as much as I appreciate you sharing them, we also want what you want, it's not us you have to win over, it's the devs!! 🍻
  18. I do not think @Hendrixbelieves it is an insignificant generation, as he proves that we still care... BUT. Like ANY older games today, usually only small indie teams will try and 'revive' old games. Blizzard themselves are not the ones who worked on Diablo II, they hired a small team to do the work. Gaming is a business more than it is about passionate games. Today, the head of most publishing divisions are businessmen trying to manage money-making businesses... even if the development teams are passionate gamers, they do not make the rules, because they need the big publishers to get money. When we look at gaming as a whole, the vast majority of games have become simplified over the time. A few days ago, I mentionned Battlefield 2, Rainbow Six 3... these are only a few names.. but we could go on with other titles like Fallout, Baldur's Gate, Diablo, X-com, Elder Scrolls, Resident Evil... We older gamers have played those and we are used to the type of "harder" gameplay, with sometimes clunky controls, very little help, almsot no direction to help.. Modern gamers see those games and it feels like when I was growing up seeing old DOS games that required extra work to make them function like using mem manager to free up virtual ram. We get used to a way of doing things and it is hard to look backwards. If you make a clone of Jagged Alliance 2 today, nobody but old die-hard fans will play it and everyone will leave bad reviews of it being too clunky, too old, too this or that. ALSO, keep in mind, even if our generation still plays games... most of our generation also do not play as much or buy as many games. We have, to a certain extent, gained a little "wisdom" (I am now at 45 Wisdom, instead of 38 😅 ) and when we see crap games, we stay away. 10-15 years ago, I would buy games for no reason other than it looking good (maybe I got shot in the head without a doctor around). Now, I only buy it once I've seen gameplay, reviews, etc.. So how would you make a game that can make money with a person like me? You create a new game that will be easy for EVERYONE to get into... with a title that someone my age will have no choice but to buy just because we are sentimental. IT IS NOT WHAT I WANT, it is unfortunately the way gaming has evolved over time. What do you think?
  19. We are exactly on the same page. I think the fact we are an older crowd also means that we are able to think outside of what "I want". Sure, I want JA3.13 right now... but, deep down, I think it is unrealistic to expect that. Am I, the target audience for this game? No. They do not want a hardcore old fan of tactical games like JA2, Silent Storm, 7,62 High Calibre, etc... They want to work on the current generation of turn-based strategy games that are popular on the market. It has to be easy for fans of the style to say, "oh this looks close enough to xcom or phoenix point in a new setting! Sure! Looks great, let's try this!". AT THE SAME TIME, the name carries enough weight that they do pocket us old fans to a certain extent. The gameplay part of the trailer shows that much. There is NO ressemblance to the old ways of making turn-based games. We are in the modern generation of style. THQNordic is a relatively big studio.. Haemimont Games do not make bad games at all, but they do not make the style of game I am mostly attracted to.. and I mean that with all the respect that they deserve, because they have really great games to be proud of! But I am not the target audience, they might get a few sales from us old fans because of the name it carries and some characters it shares; but deep inside, I feel it is as far as the ressemblance goes. It isn't to pay homage, or continue a legacy... it is a business that needs to make some money, and they will take the best route they think they know for it. In the end, like ANY other JA game, I will give this one a chance. Just because something isn't EXACTLY as I want it, doesn't mean it will be bad. Who knows, maybe like @Hendrixsaid, it will bring more interest in the old series. We do not know all that happens behind the studio doors, what they want, how they plan to do it... Even if I do not believe the game will be what I want, I still remain with some hopes that there will be some factors that will make it enjoyable to play.
  20. If you like Black Hawk Down, I very highly suggest you watch NOKAS, 9th COMPANY, LONE SURVIVOR. You will really love these!! They are not "hollywood" movies with big explosions and heroes and james bond effects.. they have realistic weapon effects, real tactics and gunfights I wish every movie would be like. I'll be very blunt and I hope you will not take it the wrong way.. because I love discussing these topics, but the same time it is hard to do so. Many of us have been here since the first day of this forum, and not a single dev has yet come to join or talk to us. Some of us have not really come back to talk much, because we have so little information to control how we think of JA3 or what we can expect. I've had very friendly discussions with some who wish the game to be more like the new xcoms/phoenix point and others who want more hardcore features like 1.13 It is hard to think of my favorite tactical game with such beautiful graphics and camera angles, but with a very lite tactical style of gameplay. I think the gameplay part of the trailer tells us exactly what we can expect. I believe we will have classes (assault, support, medic) that have abilities and perks like most modern games, and the gameplay will be extremely close to Phoenix Point with many cinematic views like new xcoms, no bullet "physics", no "real" suppression like shooting an area.. This is NOT what I want, but so far, this is what I saw and what I believe from the trailer. I think battles will have the same type of range as well. In Phoenix Point, you can zoom out far like in the screenshots, but the maps are small and combat feels too close.
  21. Maybe it could be similar to stamina, but there could be Adrenaline. The higher the level of adrenaline, the higher the reflexes. Actions cost less AP, but aiming levels are greatly reduced. ?? Not certain they would even put such a thing though. 7,62 High Calibre has a similar system of Stamina, Adrenaline (when under stress, you are quicker, but suffer aiming penalties), Shock, Unconscious states, bleeding, injuries, etc... ...but, that game is also too hardcore for the vast majority of players. I do not want suppression to be a similar activating skill like in new xcoms, but if they do it, it will be similar in my opinion.
  22. I would like if Suppression did affect AP. With this in mind, I think there should be an effect of suppressing an area (or zone).. it should not be something that is possible to overuse.. suppression should cost a very large amount of AP and expend a VERY large amount of bullets. But the high AP/Ammunition count should also mean you make enemies affected by the suppression to lose a good amount of APs.. enough so they cannot provide AIMED fire (unaimed fire would be the equivalent of blind fire) on their turn.. or the loss of ability to run, stand, walk... so they are forced to move slowly from a prone or crouched position. I will have to think more about the ideas from the screenshot... but I like to see how the enemy would be setup and what the challenge would be for myself. Here with this screenshot, I can imagine you would have to move your team through this village from the North-West. The orange building would be the main fortified position were the enemy soldiers would be setup and drinking beers. I would imagine a 2 man squad carrying a PKM and a G3 near the top corner of the I<3U graffiti. They would be keeping watch over a vast portion of the road. This would be in the early stages of the game where you would not have the ability to simply go prone and take a well placed headshot from far away.. most enemies would only be carrying old PPSH and Tokarev Pistols, while you would have simpler rifles like Mosin and Remington M870. The way I would like to see this play out is, I would hope the game has some form of AI that let's you create distractions and diversion.. so I would send a 2-man team by the back near the mountain, behind the walls... ...the rest of my team would walk around (in and out) of the building we don't see at the west to create a diversion and attract enemy fire and keep the LMG focused on hard to hit targets. For gameplay reasons, I would like to see something like a LMG be able to suppress from the corner of that building all the way to where the electrical lines/telephone poles pass by (with the piled up tires) near the north-west. This simple idea of a LMG or Machinegun Nest creates a natural strategy and creates a natural focus for you to think about. One of the big flaws I have experienced when playing Jagged Alliance Flashback was the lack of any kind of specialized enemies... it just felt like a huge amount of enemies accross the map with no clear strategy or no realistic setup. It made playing the sectors pretty boring.
  23. So, how would it affect you if for example you had a rifle that became no longer approved? Here, you would have a certain amount of time to get rid of it, I believe you could sell it to someone who owns the proper license (but do not take my word on that one), or else you have to hand it over to the proper authorities who will destroy it... FREE OF CHARGE! 🙄 Lucky you. 🤣 We have some rifles we cannot own, like Springfield M1A.. but we can buy the Norinco clone of it... ?? 😂
  24. Last week, I was looking around some online Canadian gun stores and I had just remembered why the Ruger PC (PCC in your area?) wasn't that familiar! I thought I was losing my armchair general gun knowledge 😰 Finally, no! I am still in the game! 😅 And when I "shop" I filter out RESTRICTED firearms from results. The Ruger PC is RESTRICTED in Canada. Pistol level license. Why? Don't ask, I don't understand! Hear this: We can buy the Beretta CX4 Storm, which was used in a college school shooting in my city a little over dozen years ago, but the Ruger PC which doesn't even look nearly as aggressive, we cannot buy! 😶
  25. +1 Jagged Alliance 2 is a great example of walking a fine line between a wargame and a normal rpg. It manages to "feel" realistic, but is never complicated and always about "fun". On modern resolutions, the sight and weapon range scale kind of made it lose some of that feeling; but 1.13 huge library of weapons and tweaks gave it back that feeling. This topic made me think that I would wish Jagged Alliance 3 to be very similar to SILENT STORM in TACTICAL gameplay. The Combat Distance feels very realistic within the scale of the game.. While remaining playable. And I know I say this often, but I really fear that JA3 will simply be another tweaked nu-xcom clone, in which case we can say goodbye to ANY feeling of realism.
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