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(How) Can I dismiss * MINOR SPOILERS * ?


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I've had Larry on my team for a while but now that I'm getting near the end-game and I have money to burn I want to get rid of him and get a top-level merc instead. But as opposed to mercs that are hired from A.I.M. there is no 'Dismiss' button for Larry.

Is there any other way to get him off the team besides getting him killed in battle?

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The free mercs should not count towards your "Hired mercs" limit which be default is 15. So if you simply want to hire a new one, you can go ahead. Your total limit is 21 mercs - 15 hired + 5 free (from the campaign) + your IMP merc.

A better solution might be to install the Custom settings mod that will allow you among other thing to change the limit of hired mercs you can have.

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