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Patch 1.3.0 Released - Vicky


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Hello everyone,

Patch 1.3.0 codename “Vicky” just went live on Steam. It contains one highly anticipated new feature and a bunch of smaller fixes.




Bobby Ray’s Guns and Things is now able to process orders to the country of Grand Chien. Customers can now access www.bobbyraysgunsandthings.net online store through their PDA browser. There you can check out our wide selection of “guns and things” that you can order and get delivered to certain locations in the Adjani Valley. 


  • Within couple of days of capturing Ernie Village (or continuing an existing campaign), our amazing store will be at your disposal.
  • We offer a top of the line selection of new and used items including weapons, armor, ammo, etc. and restock regularly.  
  • Act now as others might want the item you’ve set your eyes upon! What's here today might vanish tomorrow.
  • The brave delivery guys and gals of Bobby Rays can deliver your order to any port on the western coast of the Adjani valley that you secure. Opt for the premium option, and we’ll expedite the process.
  • No IOUs! We take the money upfront THEN load up the gear.
  • We don’t accept orders to unsafe destinations. You pay us to deliver, not fight

Other things of note


  • (community suggestion) Steroid no longer gets Tired from using Combat Stims.
  • (community suggestion) Reduced the frequency of the Selection Voice Responses.
  • Enemies revealed by Livewire’s talent can now be targeted normally.
  • Fixed several situations where a conflict was not ending.
  • Fixed searchlights being on when defending a sector against enemies.
  • Fixed an issue where character can't reach a target that should be in range.
  • Fixed an issue where Bandaging status effect remains after character being Downed while bandaging themselves.
  • Fixed incorrect AP cost for left/right-hand shot actions.
  • Fixed Focused not applying Grit on end turn.
  • Fixed an issue where the Bleeding status effect was being applied twice after load.
  • Fixed an issue with HP not being updated properly when adding and removing stacks of Wounded status.
  • Clarified the description of Meltdown talent.
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect animation played after Knife Throw is used.
  • Fixed Hidden allies and neutral units not being visible to the player.
  • Fixed an animation issue with unconscious hyenas and crocodiles.
  • Fixed an animation issue where a character would interact with a Machine Gun emplacement looking away from it.
  • Fixed combat tasks not properly counting kills done through remote/timed/proximity explosives.
  • Blood's Flying Daggers attack is now restricted to the range of the weapon.
  • Fixed Ice Storm attack to check weapon usability.
  • Disabled Dance For Me out of combat.
  • Fix an issue with the range of Mobile Shot / Run and Gun.
  • Fixed stealth kill chance penalty against Aware enemies being lower than intended.
  • Fixed aim AP cost calculation during heavy rain when using Dual Shot.
  • Bandage will no longer provoke interrupt attacks after loading a savegame.
  • Fixed crosshair not displaying danger icon for movement as part of melee attacks.
  • Have At Ye! talent now toggles off at the end of the combat instead of the start of your turn.
  • Fixed Machine Gun interrupt attack number incorrectly regenerating out of turn.



  • Fixed an issue where moving through flames does not indicate danger.
  • Mercs are less likely to use discovered trapped doors while in exploration.


  • Vendor prices adjusted across Grand Chien.
  • Fixed an issue with assigning squads and retreating units.
  • Fixed an issue where Train Mercs continues to run even when max training is achieved in the stat.
  • Fixed exploit where the player can gain control over H4U sector by Quicksaving and Quickloading.
  • Fixed an issue with missing Satellite View timeline icons.


Quests and scripting (Spoilers)

  • Improvements to the Corazon boss fight.
  • Fixed an issue where a Scouting Note about Corazon's base could be obtained AFTER defeating her.
  • Fixed potential conflict lock in the crocodile camp reinforcements.
  • Improvements to the Petta quest.
  • Fixed getting stuck in a conflict in G6 sector.
  • Improvements in the Voodoo People quest notes.
  • Improvements to Fleatown quests.
  • Improvements to the Landsbach quest.
  • Improvements to Ernie Village content after Pierre has been freed.
  • Fixed an issue where Icon is still on Lalee after he was killed.
  • Fixed an issue where Jackhammer conversation triggers when entering the room, even if he is not there.



  • Fixes to Satellite View in 4k resolution.
  • Improved highlighting lootable objects.
  • Initial cone aim direction on gamepad controller now matches character orientation.
  • Fixed not being able to confirm a shot in against an enemy taking cover via gamepad controller.
  • Fixed an issue where switching back to mouse from gamepad controller in the main menu hides the cursor.
  • Fixes to the weapon modification slot selection when using mouse and keyboard and switching gamepad controller on and off.
  • Trapped Hack markers will no longer report failed skill checks to detect the trap.
  • Fixed missing display for CQC Training effect in the accuracy breakdown UI.
  • Toggle world UI in Photo Mode doesn't hide wires anymore.
  • Clarified the text description of Caretaker perk to indicate that the effect is applied on end turn.
  • Fixed some conversation UI overlaps.
  • Fixed underslung grenade launcher ammo shown twice in rollover.
  • Fixed font issues for Chinese that left some buttons illegible.
  • Interactable tweaks for gamepad controller making doors easier to select.
  • Fixed the 7.62 NATO and WP ammo description about what types of weapons can use them.
  • RPK74” is now correctly named “RPK”.
  • Received email notification now links to the latest unread email.



  • Fixed multiple desync issues.
  • Improved resync functionality.
  • The in-game menu can now be opened in the co-op mercs management UI.
  • Fixed co-op merc management shortcut not working if the other player has mercs assigned.
  • Fixes to the co-op merc management UI opening and closing.
  • Fixed being able to open the co-op merc management in cut scenes.
  • Fixed melee attacks getting interrupted in co-op unintentionally.



  • Lots of performance and stability improvements.
  • Refactored character effects and weapon components for easier modding.
  • Improved climbing animations for short ladders.


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