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Yes, I play console. No, that does not mean I do not deserve a better interface.

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Right now I am in the middle of a combat situation that is not going all that well for me, and I am struggling to just throw a grenade. I fully understand that making a turn-based shooter work on a console is not easy, and I know that a mouse and keyboard is a lot easier to make interfaces for than a controller (although seriously, I would like to know if I can use a mouse and keyboard). But after having played XCOM2 on the PS4, I am sure that you could not possibly make a more unfriendly interface for a turn-based shooter than is the case in Jagged Alliance 3 if you tried.

I know the game is old, so I know I am talking into the wind, but please, if there is a way to change the interface in JA3 to at least be usable, it would make me less sad when I try to play the game.

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No further updates are coming for the game. This is what you're stuck with now. I'm sorry that you feel it's inadequate, but I assure you, we spent a significant amount of development time, trying to make a usable controller interface. This is the best we could do.

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