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Jagged Alliance Rage Final (Castle Raid)

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I guess most of you here dont like Jagged Alliance Rage as i also agree its far behind the real Jagged Alliance (especially part 2) but i still had mad fun playing it, the weapon variety is rich, we got few of our top mercs with a few cool quotes (Ivan & Fidel my favourites by far). As a Jagged Alliance hardcore fan its still a must play imo. I posted a walkthrough of JA Rage on YouTube.


Posting here the final sector, the castle raid, hope you like it. Did a few mistakes but the legendary Ivan Dolvich saved the whole team once again. 😊

Part 1 (Outside The Castle)

Part 2 (Inside The Castle)


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42 minutes ago, Grim said:

IMHO, Jagged Alliance Rage is not a bad game, it's just a very low budget sidekick all about ground tactics and survival of a very small team.

Yeap it is a very low budget indie game, could be even a simple mobile game lol but the fun is still there somehow. I played it from post to pillar at least 20 times now. Wish they gave a lil more effort, realistic environment design, more blood & gore and a bit better AI. 

Also the story is really poor, they could make it a bit more interesting with more named characters, bringing back Elliot was also a no brainer to me but anyway. I like those sadist black mercs though, they throw now and then some cool quotes.  

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