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  1. We are monitoring the forums for multi-accounts, but even if most of the votes against CtH would be fake, it would still mean that only 3 people voted in favour of CtH. So stop this nonsense about alt-accounts and stay on topic - or we'll have to start deleting posts and close topics that get derailed. Publicly accusing other people of using alt-accounts and harassing new accounts can also lead to infractions and bans.
  2. All alt accounts have been banned from posting after my last warning got ignored. Please return to the topic of this thread, thank you.
  3. wtf... stop these conspiracy theories and off-topic discussions, please. The only alt-account in this thread I am certain of is not created by Solaris_Wave (you know who you are and you will stop it).
  4. I can ask, sure, but my guess is that stuff just isn't ready yet. I have to ask for confirmation, but I would be very surprised if we wouldn't release this game on GOG. I like all sorts of games, mainly strategy games, RPGs and sci fi simulations. TBH, I never played the JA games, but I think I would like them from what I've seen. No need to spare my feelings, I know that I'm only a poor substitute :( That's the most well-behaved bunch of starved dogs I've ever seen haha
  5. Yes, I'm working for THQ Nordic but I'm not involved with JA3. I was just kidding about my username. Please understand that the very little I know about JA3 is not up to me to disclose.
  6. I'm just a guy with THQN in his username As I told Wigen via PM: I'm not involved in the development of JA3 so I can't answer any of your questions, all I can say for now is that the game is in very good hands. Sometimes things take longer than planned or expected, but I'm sure things will improve very soon. In the meantime I'll try to look into the forums from time to time and keep you some company. :)
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