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  1. Maybe you didn't see this part, or didn't read too closely: the probability of one stopping writing as soon as another starts, the probability of them both being online at 5 AM is 0%. They are the same person. I saw them stop replying, then instantly start replying on their alt account. Their account is brand new, yet behaves in EXACTLY THE SAME WAY as @Solaris_Wave behaves. Their mannerisms are IDENTICAL. Their WRITING STYLE is IDENTICAL. Their INTERESTS are IDENTICAL. Everybody else on the forum knows its the same person. There is another explanation for why you're protecting this 1 guy. Because it's not just "a guy". @anon474 brought this up already: Is this why you're not doing anything to ban this person? I'm not an alt account for anybody, if you don't think there's something suspicious going on on this forum you're either not paying close attention, or you already know deeply that something suspicious is going on on this forum, because you're doing it. There is no option you have, that includes not banning the obvious alt account of @Solaris_Wave and @agris (and I'm sure a lot more than that), that makes you look good.
  2. Wouldn't it be crazy if the entire forum was one guy, on 20 different accounts? 😆 Look at him go, digging up his own old threads and bumping them up to the top. Look at him go 😆 They all share very similar opinions, they all use a merc head as their profile pic... Of course the only proof of alts I have so far is Solaris Wave and agris. Will I find more? March 22nd was the last post on this thread before it got bumped very conviniently by @LoboNocturno Makes you wonder...
  3. Btw mods may want to take a look at @Stuurminator account too, it's also fishy. It's brand new, and so far it's only been responding to other @Solaris_Wave posts, and talking like him and reacting to him.
  4. Yeah I wonder why he stopped replying. (that's irony, in case anybody's missed it. I know exactly why he stopped replying)
  5. Ladies and gentlemen, we got him: You replied from the wrong account smart guy. I was talking to @agris when I said he had bad English, not you. That's why @agris edited his comment immediately afterward to try to cover up his tracks, and so nobody could see that he claimed to be from America with his "your education system is supposed to be better than ours" @anon474 was 100% correct. Developers go look at the first message I posted above, they replied within 2 minutes of each other after a 2 hour long break at 5 o'clock in the morning. There's 0.000000001% chance of that happening naturally.
  7. You aren't American I know that because your English is broken (exactly how @Solaris_Wave's is) Stop pretending to be from America because I discovered that you're @Solaris_Wave and are using multiple accounts.
  8. Developers, look at @Solaris_Wave and @agris messages, especially this one: Right after this comment @agris began writing his comment and posted his comment within seconds of posting this comment. That is impossibly unlikely. Aside from all other behaviour such as replying to each other and reacting to each other, and agreeing with each other. AT 5 O CLOCK IN THE MORNING. ITS THE SAME PERSON. Look at the time stamps for this message and the next one made by @agris if you don't believe me.
  9. I have no problems with 90% of people, you fit in the 10%. Explain why @agris literally began writing his comment within 5 seconds of you finishing your first comment on the @Solaris_Wave account and why both of you responded within the same 5 minute time frame, at 5 AM.
  10. Btw none of what you said @Solaris_Wave makes sense. I'm allowed to be up, I never replied to my own comments on my alt account. I'm also not pretending like its normal for two people who have full command of the English language (or at least live in Europe), to be awake at the exact same time at 5 o'clock in the morning. I also am not the one who is refusing to explain why I LITERALLY SAW YOU STOP WRITING YOUR FIRST COMMENT, THEN WRITE ANOTHER COMMENT ON @agris I SAW YOU DO IT. you didn't just do it within a 5 minute time frame, it was a 5 SECOND time frame. I saw you stop writing @Solaris_Wave comment and IMMEDIATELY after that I saw you writing your @agris comment.
  11. You're getting banned. I saw you stop writing your first comment then write some throwaway small comment on the @agris account. You didn't even try to hide it. Also you never told me anything, this is the first time we spoke. More lies, unsurprisingly.
  12. You're the same person. I am willing to bet on it. You literally replied to this comment within 5 minute time frame. I saw it happen. Don't pretend that you're not. I literally saw you reply one after another, within a 5 minute gap. It wasn't even in a 5 minute time frame. I literally saw @Solaris_Wave stop writing, and then immediately saw @agris start writing and publish his comment. It's 5 o'clock in the morning. There is nobody online, and the likelihood of even two people replying to each other one after another is 0.00000000000001%.
  13. Then why did you get defensive and start writing immediately in response to my message, like you had to defend yourself. It's 5 o'clock in the morning. You shouldn't be awake, and the likelihood of you randomly coming across @agris comments (or vice versa) is 0%. Why are you writing in the same way @agris is and why are you both using the same terminology of ballistic modelling. What are the likelihoods that a brand new Snake Plisskin account would come in, stir up a lot of trouble, and agree with everything you've said.
  14. Of course as soon as I write this @Solaris_Wave perks up.
  15. I hope you won't mind me doing this since I saw you looking up other people's profiles, allow me to just put some facts together... Joined yesterday Anon something talking about how you, @agris reminded him of @Solaris_Wave , he also openly accused you of being an alt for somebody else on the forum on another thread. And now you're replying to each other, at 5 o'clock in the morning, when nobody is online, and agreeing with each other. Any comments?
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