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  1. True...ish. 1 You don't have to fix what isn't broken or iterate on something that already works, for fear of getting some small concern fixed, but messing up and creating 10 other problems. Trust me, good time tested mechanics everybody likes (well, some people like), are more than fine. Give people just a very good or even average product with good solid mechanics, and nobody will complain, only true like whiners upset that they didn't get a personal massage from the King with the product. 2 I agree that experimentation is good...but only as long as the things being added are actually good and fit with the genre. I think maybe some of the moves took JA3 out of strategy and more into CRPG territory.
  2. I didn't. Pardon my suspicion, but it is interesting how you went after a tiny little comment to you, that you didn't reply to.
  3. So you claim but your claims have so far had very little weight to them. Just sounds like you're mad because I'm right and you're wrong, dude. It also sounds like you're deliberately non-engaging and not providing an argument for your side. Feel free to try to justify yourself, me and everybody else who's not a moron knows the truth.
  4. Wait we're not supposed to kill the president? But I thought this was Tropico: Jagged Alliance edition! Now how am I supposed to become generalissmo now devs?? 😭 I like the quest showcased, I hope it's like more humorous than pathetic or embarassing, a lot of characters in JA2 were mostly just really really mean, and the others were really really ridiculously stupid. Btw, anybody want to guess what that rifle is in the first screenshot? Looks like one of the rarer 90s HK 7.62 semi-auto sniper rifles. (Think I found it actually)
  5. You assume there was something to understand. There was nothing. That's why you're not using quotes or explaining what you meant, because you realize how dumb your original comment sounded, like somebody who just wanted to write something in order to write something. No real substance or meaning. Maybe if you stop being dishonest people in real life would like to be around you, ninjalex, you know? Just some good advice 😉
  6. If you're talking about me this is not a sock account. I saw similar accusations on steam, are you guys doing alright? Not everybody who disagrees with you is a sock you know.
  7. I mean... 🤣 Would I be crazy to say I kind of want this kind of feature? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  8. I imagine some mercs will actually look like that, and I would be worried about making soldiers look "too" modern, because a lot of modern conventions and military clothing isn't actually "that cool", in my opinion. Just copy-pasting a modern decked out soldier shouldn't be the final step, it's just a starting step and a foundation, you'll still have to modify some of the ugly aspects of his equipment, or replace them with older fashioned LBE rigs for example that looked cooler. A lot of modern tactical clothing, in my opinion, doesn't look that cool. It has this like super sleek design, not baggy, not fun. Maybe I don't like the modern helmet, maybe I like my old fashioned M2 helmets, things like that. Maybe the new backpacks are too sleek and not blocky enough looking. But I'm sure Shadow and others will have a look similar to the one you're requesting. What are they going to put Shadow in, a t-shirt? I don't think so.
  9. 1 I mean, specific criticisms definitely are closer to constructive criticism (whatever that word means, by the way the term is kind of vague, something I'm sure you'll make use of), than not. It doesn't make it constructive criticism just by itself, but constructive criticism is far more likely to be specific and vice versa. Also what I said wasn't overgeneralization, overgeneralization would be me using something that is small in a small % of the population, to generalize to the whole population. Overgeneralization criticism fits far more with you saying that my observations are subjective. 2 Huh? Evidence? This ain't Physics or a hard science. What "evidence". Where would we find this "evidence". How do we measure it. How do we know what is a isn't a good design choice. There's no way. You gotta relax with your "oh no evidence" claim, that doesn't invalidate the position I'm proposing and it's inappropriate because I can claim "no evidence" on any support or criticism of any design choice the devs made that you or somebody else agrees or disagrees with. 3 Same story, 1 it's not subjective because I'm actually analyzing what is and isn't a good feature, and am explaining my reasoning as I go, 2 calling something subjective doesn't mean it's not accurate. I saw a car on the road. Me seeing it was subjective, because it was based on my senses. Just because it's subjective does that mean there was no car? Also it's not subjective because I'm correct. Sorry. 4 "JA2 simplistic" lmao ok buddy, why don't you go take a walk and let the adults discuss what's what, ok? 🤣 I have. You haven't, you just got scared and claimed I said things without evidence and that what I said was subjective. Interesting observation: you never claimed anything I said was incorrect. Something somebody like you should be reminded of. 😉 TL;DR, I'm right, you're wrong, go cry. Take cover, run and gun, other abilities don't make JA3 more complex, they make it more stupid. The animation for run and gun (SMG ability) is goofy and looks weird, and it just doesn't fit in a very serious strategy like JA2 or JA3 is supposed to be, where you don't really have access to action movie abilities. The sniper ability for next turn, as far as I understand, guarantees a 100% hit? And I don't think that makes sense. It's a bit too arcade-y, like something out of Fortnite. Take cover is the most realistic of these abilities, but still, because it's the only ability that isn't like "use an item", I think it can also go to avoid the entire CRPG-ification of JA3, which is precisely what I'm talking about. There are a 100 different ways to make JA more complex, but this ain't it chief. Adding abilities that function like "spells" to your task bar ain't it. This isn't WOW.
  10. Because I don't like them? Lol. No offense. I don't think I am being negative, if I was being negative I'd be lambasting JA3 up and down this forum, I'd not be making constructive or specific criticisms, I'd just be generically saying oh JA3's gonna be trash, etc. Making a very narrow criticism of abilities that can be removed and would hardly make a difference to the overall product, is not being negative, in my understanding. Adding new stuff is great. It is one of the best things to do. HOWEVER. IF adding new things means adding new things that are terrible, I don't think that's a good thing. When coming up with new stuff you should always be conscious that hey, new stuff is great, but sometimes it might not work out. And that's just the reality of it. I don't think "take cover" or the SMG "run and gun" ability, or the "fire on next turn" sniping ability with the laser are good steps. JA2, for all the limitations it had, was a very serious strategy that had only a few actions availible to you: zoom in, and fire your weapon, or move around. It doesn't need to be complex at the action or ability level.
  11. By the way, for the record, I wouldn't mind face items like NVGs and headphones being included, or inventory being changed to be more complex, but I don't think it's a big deal if they aren't, I get that JA3 is the first installment in the franchise in a while, so expecting all features from the get go may be a bit unrealistic. So I just wanted to add that in there. I much more care about real issues that I think are: somewhat small (compared to 1.13) weapon count, no CTH, and how there's elements of a traditional RPG in JA3, to where you have abilities like take cover, run and gun (where you fire your SMG while moving through an area, not sure if that's an amazing ability, or like something which isn't anything more than a gimmick), etc.
  12. I had no idea about that brother, sorry. No I can't change it unfortunately, poll isn't perfect unfortunately.
  13. Don't think that would matter, nor did I see them make any more grunt sounds than ordinary or natural or would be out of place.
  14. Game-y, RPG-y. This entire comment sounds like somebody who has no idea what they are talking about, and just want to make a comment for the sake of making a comment. Perks need a rework to be more granular, and the times when you get a perk point should also be changed. Aside from that, there are no problems with this.
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