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Reaper as a character?


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sorry , maybe i missed place in forum to ask this question: will carl reaper sheppards be in a game????? i am waiting for a long time to get a chance to play with him again. i will get game anyway, but without reaper it's not as it should be (imo)

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21 hours ago, Wigen said:

After careful analysis of the new trailer featuring Ian Currie, it appears that Reaper will appear in the game.

Where did you spotted Reaper ? We didnt saw the character as yet but he could be surely in the legendary section of AIM with Gus, Shadow, Magic, Len, Scully etc....


BTW am really interested to see this Raider guy from AIM Elite.

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12 minutes ago, Wigen said:

Here on the screen behind Ian Currie. The lettering itself is blurred by the camera setting, but by the number of letters you can tell it's Reaper.



Heheh i knew, it looks like Reaper but could be Raider too, its too tight & blurry bro.

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At first glance, it is difficult to say what can be read with a blurry fragment of the film. Could be Raider or Reaper. I hope that with the next developer's diaries we will know more and more about the game.

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