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  1. Information from @Haemimont_Boian presented in a short film.
  2. @Haemimont_Boian I have two more questions (as long as the answer to them is not a secret): 🙂 1. How long have you been working on the game? 2. When creating Jagged Alliance 3, do you use your own engine or already ready engine?
  3. This is the role of the publisher. He decides what is to be released in a given time interval. 🙂
  4. @Haemimont_Boian will DevDiary from Jagged Alliance 3 also be published on your website (for example Surviving Mars)?
  5. I don't know much Russian language, but Google Translate translated that into: "How do you like it?"
  6. Anyway, I thought you had them prepared a long time ago and all you need to do is publish them. But that's okay, we've endured so long, we'll wait a little longer. 😉
  7. You made me very intrigued by this news. I look forward to new materials that you will show 😉
  8. @Haemimont_Boian the first DevDiary will be released this week or not until May?
  9. @Haemimont_Boian Seven months have passed since the announcement of the game. Have there been any changes to the game mechanics that we saw in the trailer since then?
  10. For me, the most important thing is whether the appropriate modding tools will be created. 😉
  11. After all, we have developers from Haemimont Games on the forum, so I'm sure that we will soon find out if the portraits of the mercenaries will be animated. 🙂
  12. It's nice to see the creators addressing us, even if it's just an introduction. I fully understand that communication with fans may not be perfect while the goals and mechanics keep changing. Welcome on board!🙂
  13. Probably some of you noticed that people from Haemimont Games joined our community.🙂 Haemimont Games Welcome on the Jagged Alliance 3 Community! 😉
  14. Who do you think the voice that says, "Soliders incoming. Pull back!"? Len or Shadow maybe? It always makes me wonder when I come back to the trailer.
  15. I know that this event organized by THQ Nordic is still a long way off, but what would you like to see the most about new content from the game? I would like to see new screenshots, gameplay fragments and a preview of modding tools, and get to know the official release date. 🙂
  16. If Jagged Alliance 3 is a typical narrative game, the date 2022 is quite probable. If the producers focused on non-linearity and a lot of side missions, the premiere in 2023 is 100% possible.
  17. For me, the announcement of this event actually sounds like an early stage of development. At the August event, we'll probably see some new screens and maybe some CGI teasers. Even if they show gameplay, it is still a very long way to design and create content, all important bugs will be fixed, and the code will be optimized and polished. I don't expect the game until 2024 at the earliest.
  18. It is still a long way to August, but better late than never. I hope to see some Jagged Alliance 3 news and maybe a release date!!! 🙂 https://www.thqnordic.com/article/save-date-august-12-thq-nordic-poised-land-massive-punch-its-2022-digital-showcase
  19. Unfortunately, there was not enough time to edit the post.
  20. There is some good news from Discord: - the game is still under development - there will be a lot of new stuff coming - unfortunately there is no time frame when it would start
  21. I like this fragment from the home page the most. He's been getting very devastated lately. 😎
  22. Sometimes I wonder what the collaboration between Haemimont Games and Paradox Interactive would look like in terms of providing information about the game. Would Jagged Alliance 3 itself look the same as it does now or would it be completely different?
  23. The whole situation is definitely very disappointing for everyone. However, I think that it would not be difficult on the part of the creators to write. For example: "Hello everyone! We are currently working on an early alpha, so for next year do not expect any new information and updates, because it's too early. Regards, HG team". Then everyone would know to be patient and wait. This is exactly what I would expect from producers or publishers.
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