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[Request] "Lock Cursor to Window" option

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I'm running in FULLSCREEN, but it acts like a "WINDOWED FULLSCREEN" as my cursor simply goes on to my other monitors when going to the edges.

Can a "Lock cursor to window" option be implemented in future patches?

(Unless the option is there and I don't see it?)

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1 minute ago, Claudius33 said:

@GODSPEEDThere is an option 'Panning outside window'  (Options/Controls). However i'm not sure it addresses your issue.

Nah, that doesn't lock the cursor from heading on my other monitors unfortunately. But thanks anyways!

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Found a workaround. I have a utility called "Borderless Gaming" I bought on Steam many years ago that forces windowed games to borderless full screen. You can also toggle a hotkey that locks the mouse cursor to the borderless full screen. This utility works perfectly on JA3 even though its 'full screen" is already a borderless fullscreen.

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