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  1. SPOILER Agree to distibute the manifesto, talk to Maman Liliane to improve the manifesto. Show it then to the named NPC in Pantaguel and the Savana region you find. Make sure the clinic in Pantagruel is opened. Make the Serge mini quest in Pantagruel to get a clue regarding Chimenunga and Maman Liliane. When you get 100% loyalty and have shown the manifesto a few times you get a call from Chimenunga. You are done.
  2. @Attempt Yes I came through the tunnel. The Colonel, in his office, got shot and recovered immediatly. Noone reacted. I couldn't talk to him either. My best guess is because the large counterattack was not triggered yet, the Colonel and his soldiers are sill considered as neutral. Afterward closing the Major's position triggered the counterattack. Once it's launched I guess you can kill the" Colonel before doing the Major.
  3. Yes K16 fort. Maybe a bug then because I skip Corazon's meeting. Any way I did complete the playtrough 😄.
  4. Spoiler I ignored Corazon's invitation. I tried to kill the Colonel in his camp before getting to the Major. I shot him, he recovered instantly, nothing happened, none of his soldiers turned hostile. I took care of the Major and recruited him. Then I could kill the Colonel in his camp, quite a battle. So I think you must take care of the Major before killing him.
  5. @Solaris_Wave I share your point, yes as an experienced player I would like a smarter AI but you have to think about the general audience. You have to set the cursor somewhere. Make the AI too smart, only a bunch of old grumpy grandpas and a few young newcomers will really appreciate the game. Honestly I think it's a hard game for a newcomer, especially with a limited tutorial and no mini 'boot camp' campaign. Of course newcomers who sucessfully overcome the initial difficulties are likely to like the game and maybe become fan. But how many? I really doubt that a boosted AI would transform JA3 into a Dark Souls like success. By the way, kamikaze lemmings who dream of being target dummies is what you see in almost all games, including JA2, and in action movies. Don't tell me you have never set a killbox waiting for the lemmings to come.
  6. I have found that site, which gives sales data. I have no idea about the site reliability and no idea about the project cost. Let's hope that current revenues and forecasted ones allow Haemimont Games to support JA3 in the long term. https://vginsights.com/games-database?gameName=jagged I'd say not that bad, surely much much lower than XCOM2 sales. Looking at Steam stats, Germany and Russia are doing rather well, why am I not surprised?
  7. @GODSPEED I'm really sorry to read that, however I respect your point of view. I'm afraid though that like some others you got yourself all riled up since the very beginning, convincing yourself it was not the heir you expected. Despite your obvious open mindedness you have too much focused on what you a priori didn't like. XCOM? Honestly apart from the inital positionning and a few visuals what else? Wasteland 3? I've played it, JA3 is well above. Apart from the RPG classic structure, quests and such, what else? That would be true of any RPG by the way. Perks? Contrary to XCOM or Wasteland 3, JA3 does not demand to figure out which active perk with a so called cooldown factor to use at every combat turn. Quests : Don't you like a bit of diversity? Besides quest revive interest. Remember JA2 mid game, when clearing map after map you started wondering if it was worth the value to continue, especially if you had already beaten the game. How many people who still replay JA2 or 1.13 do the Omerta-Drassen way then stop? As for the mercs banters, after a short while I honestly do not pay attention anymore. Put the game aside for a while then come back with a more positive attitude as Thor would advise.
  8. @GODSPEED Today an AI is capable to beat the GO world champion. So having an AI that easily wipes out an outnumbered and sometimes outgunned team is obviously feasible. But what the point for the player? What is more difficult is to have an AI that offers challenges while remaining beatable, and such for veterans and newcomers as well. Hence the difficulty levels and the options like lethal wounds. Imagine that the AI entrenches itself with snipers on highground, a well placed crossfire defensive position then waits for you to come, assaulters waiting for an opportunity to finish off the reckless mercs, an AI that shoots through smoke if you use smoke, uses stealth and all availabale firepower, forcing you to desperately try to outflank its soldiers ... The battle would be very iffy and moreover last forever. That could be something acceptable for the very last epic battle but surely not during the game. I do not find JA3's AI that dumber as compared to JA2's one. Actually it seems to me that I'm healing more often. Do not forget that with 25 years of JA2, Silent Storm, E5, High Caliber, you should consider yourself as a legendary player when it comes to JA3.
  9. Finally, something worth getting excited about. Disclaimer : I haven’t completed the game yet. These are my thoughts after about 70 hours which I agree with. Sorry for the wall of text. So what are we waiting for, Woody? Play the game. Do you have fun playing JA3? Yes I do. Have you experienced memorable fights? Yes I have. Do you feel the JA spirit when playing JA3? Yes I do : mercs, tactical depth, strategic layer, humor. Even if you have not completed the game yet, are you considering another run with another team already? Yes, definitely. To whom would you recommend the game? Everyone who likes tactical challenges, turn based hot fights and laughing or ready to enjoy something new. To whom would you not recommend the game? People who only want a ‘serious’ wargame instead of a JA tactical RPG and some JA2 1.13 cultists. What else did you like? Amazing graphics, superb music and attention to details. Lots of quests. What did you not like? Nothing that prevents me from enjoying the game. Minor details could be improved though. What comes below is just suggestions, maybe something similar is already on your todo list. Sure it could be done through mods, but it’s always better to have it in the base game. Unger game Don’t get me wrong, I like Barry. However I brought him so many times in Arulco that maybe it's time for a change. JA3 is literally begging the player to hire Barry. He’s cheap, clever and his expertise is quite a must have during the early game and afterward. Fidel and Red are much more expensive. If you consider adding new recruits, please consider some alternatives to Barry. In addition a metal detector got thru a quest would be welcomed. Damn guns. A knife never runs out of ammo. In my opinion, scarcity of ammo spices the game. I like it. However some players don’t. What about a dedicated quest to find smugglers? I’m thinking to <spoiler>Capitaine Pierrot</spoiler> . Once they are found, a new operation gets available in ports and main cities to order ammo (basically the same screen as crafting ammo). But it should cost more and takes longer than corresponding crafting. No skill required for the ordering merc. I love it when a plan comes together! It’s a goddamn war, why be surprised to be taken by surprise! Scripted events really spice the game and urge you to use your best tactics. However I think the main event may happen too early in the game. When I got back to the involved sector I immediately felt something was wrong. I cowardly loaded the last save before entering the sector because simply entering the sector might have triggered the chain of events. I think an additional warning in the journal would be welcomed. Got the Aug but whose squad is carrying the bloody NATO 5.56 mm? Despite many criticisms the Inventory as it is is workable. However the Sector inventory should be available as soon as you hit the ‘I’ key. Nevertheless the Inventory should be reviewed, as many players have stated it. Besides, a new special operation allowing to move a sector inventory to another for a cost (let’s say 100$ per sector) would be welcomed. It is assumed that locals are paid to do the transfer. Wish list for hoped future extensions, better immersion: Technicals : the famous pick-up used in African conflicts would be a nice replacement for JA2 tanks. That would be a nice usage of RPGs in a RPG, wouldn’t it? Immersion : There are very strong points already : environment, music, market stalls in a poor devastated country (even if some players would prefer a trade screen). But there are some weak points too : I am aware that even changing a simple name is not that easy. The name can be referenced in multiple conversations and/or journal entries, and that means translations and even voice recording. So keep it for a new adventure in Africa. Names : too many English names. If Cameroon or Togo were the countries that inspired you, both former German colonies ruled by France after WW1 until the independence, French or German names are ok, but more African names would be welcomed. For instance: Greasy Basil : Nope. Should be “Le Graisseux”. In French when there is a nickname, you do not recall the first name. Pierre : Nope. Only his family (Luc) and his acquaintances call him Pierre. Calling by the first name is an Americanism. For the others it is Monsieur Pierre (showing respect) or Pierre Something. Bourg aux Puces : Very good in the French version, but not in the English version, should not be translated to Fleamarket on the map. Boss Blaubert : ok Boss is international, but that sounds a bit American. Monsieur Blaubert or “le Patron” or “le Chef Blaubert. Granny Cohany : Nope, doesn’t sound African at all. Mémé Hayatou or (better) Pati Hayatou. Pati is grandmother in Peul language. More African important NPC, less foreigners. For new mercs, African born would be welcomed. For locations you might use the following trick : take the beginning of a known city and the end of another one. Ngaoudéré + Yaoundé ->Ngaoundé. Writing : Although I like my mercs chatting every now and then, try to have more diverse banters. Igor-Vodka or Omryn-Food sounds a bit too much. Bunch of whiners. Consider adding to Magic’s bio: Magic recently took a passion for golf. He even won a state competition. Gus frantically shouted ‘Dang Woody, Magic is the real Tiger’. We at AIM hope he soon changes his clothing habit. And to Shadow’s bio: Amazingly Shadow agreed to take part in a relooking reality show. He wanted to look like Bobby Lee Swagger but couldn’t make up his mind. Ryan Philippe or Mark Walhberg? Therefore the result is not that convincing. AIM ensures that it doesn’t impact his fighting skills. Sorry I couldn't resist. That’s all folks.
  10. Because she's not boring boring boring, she aims well, has a story, funny lines and a jagged behaviour.
  11. If it's optional why not, but I'm afraid it's a lot of work as @sandman25dcsss wrote. As for me I prefer as they are. I don't want them looking like cloned army soldiers. Besides many RPGs today have options for not showing helmets and even armors.
  12. Thanks to all the team. JA3 is the worhty successor of JA2. 😃
  13. I don't think that 1.13 gets so much hate. I personally admire the guys who showed such a determination and dived into thousands of C/C++ lines and provided the players with high resolution, new features and mechanisms. My only (minor) gripe is that wanting for best they somehow unbalanced the game. I think that people are just reacting to the incredible amount of harsh and sometimes very inappropriate critiscims, several times despising the work of the devs made by 1.13 worshippers, that JA3 received in this forum and others.
  14. Ira, because she 'GOT my EARS'. One of the most versatile recruit, you could either use her as a support merc for training and medical attention only, or transform her into a deadly shooter or even both. She was also a nice guide explaining the ins and outs of Arulco.
  15. Exactly. Congrats for your videos by the way, well done.
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