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Since we are controlling multiple mercs we should be able to pause, give orders and then unpause.  Several times I happen upon a group of enemies with five or more mercs at my command.  Its kinda frustrating to me that I can only shoot with one merc at a time.  It'd be nice to have an option to take out two or more of the enemy before the actual combat ensues by having more than just one of your mercs take a shot.  Right now surprise attack tactics are pretty limited.

Also, in sector defense, getting all mercs in position before the enemy attacks is nearly impossible since you have to find each merc, and then find where you want them.  The scrolling isn't very smooth, which makes it more difficult.


Oh, and different topic, people seem to move to fast.  I had a merc on a rooftop, before actual combat began.  I was going to set up overwatch on the ladder when suddenly an enemy just appeared on the roof at the top of the ladder.  There was no animation of him actually climbing the ladder, he was just there.  I don't know if this had anything to do with how fast people seem to walk in the game that caused it to just skip the animation.  But characters do seem to move rather quickly.

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