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Message for the devs any chance of dlc?

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Not even really played the game very much but I'm loving it. But I was wondering if the Devs were considering releasing dlc for JA 3 as I know people would buy it and the items you could release would be varied such as new sector maps, mercs and weapons for example.

Anyway thanks to the devs for a wonderful game.

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I would be down for any new DLC, I really like the game.
For me it wouldn't even need to be new maps or weapons but maybe a big DLC pack with more of the mercenaries we know and love from Jagged Alliance 1 & 2. 🥳

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3 hours ago, Mordante said:

I'm no Modder as I'm computer ignorant but is it possible to create maps for JA3?


They have announced modding tools. Yes it will be possible to create maps. Just be patient.

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