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I know that all the issues people have with the game will be ironed out in time, either via mods or through the devs.  What I am truly hoping for is that they keep this game going with DLC's that add new missions.  Re-playability is a concern of mine.  I figure I might play though this game four or five times before shelving it for a few years, like I did with JA2.  That bothers me since I love the mechanics in the game.  JA1 and JA2 were the best games in their time for strategic game play.  Modern games like Fallout 4, don't even allow you to go prone.  It's basically a shooter game since shooting things is mainly what you do, short of building settlements, but it lacks shooting tactics. 

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I just hope JA3 is enough of a financial success to justify future releases, be it as JA4, or in the form of new DLC missions, or just continuous improvements. My best-case scenario would be similar to what the JA2 modding community achieved over the years (Stracciatella / 1.13 / lots of mods), but with the resources, experience, and project coordination of a professional game development studio.

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I also hope that JA3 is enough of a financial success to warrant DLC and that, ya know farther in the future, the next sequel (that doesn't take 25 years to get to market).


Relying on the mod community is a weak strategy for that though if I were a numbers guy.


Therefore, the OG devs really should make the best game up until it is done. They have a good game now. I am enjoying it but have some thoughts about what it is now before it's great.


But what I came to say is that I hope the DLC adds to the maps. Not that we need a bigger game world in and of itself. But, after you get tired of one place a new place, fresh, is well, refreshing. So running thru the same maps with a new weapon doesn't really hype me for that sort of expansion/DLC. New surroundings and features would.

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