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Little unfinished sometimes?


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The game is probably unfinished with some details.


In D7/D8 Pantagruel, someone says he can't go to the bar because the bartender claims he stole his gold watch, but it wasn't. The bartender says he worked in the backyard. It is obvious that the watch slipped from his hand there, but despite a careful search nothing can be found there. Or in D7 there should be plenty of equipment from M.E.R.C. But apart from minimal loot, nothing useful can be found. A military truck parked there on a side street is empty, although it would be ideal place to contain this additional equipment. This looks pretty buggy/unfinished 2 me.

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Maybe the game is unfinished in some ways, but both your examples are wrong.
If you didn't find the watch, search again, with someone with higher wisdom. It is definitely there.
The stuff M.E.R.C. guys left all are in green backpacks, you may have missed them or just looted them without noticing. Don't expect a truck full of goods.

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Wisdom is some 85 and the backyard is the logical place of the watch between the cases of beer there. And well, gear in a backpacks might be something bums forget while the truck is much nicer for that.  The game is simply drawn out dumbly without much fun due to such complication and illogicality. But it's probably not unfinished then ... lol. Ty for helping it anyway.

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The gold watch can be found indeed in the backyard behind the Red Dragon.

Also there is a MERC backpack in one of the alleyways behind the truck.

For both you will need a merc with a least 90 Wisdom to notice them. I found both on my first visit to those sectors and had both Livewire (94) and Barry (at 98 Wisdom at the time). So I do notice almost everything on the maps.

The game is very much finished, however some mechanics can be better explained - like that you rolled for a Wisdom check but failed it.

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