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Spoiler: The Major Appearance


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It is a nice touch to see Spike from JA1 return as the major. However, why did the devs change Spike's ethnic background? The major in JA3 doesn't look like Spike from the original games at all.



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The portraits back in JA1 had a strange, orange filter applied to them. For example, Ivan looked like Native american from Canada:




Spike "The Major" is definitely caucasian, possibly british with some south european ancestry. Scallion is a interesting name, as it is a spring onion. 🙂

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13 minutes ago, J1v1n said:

For me Spike in Jagged Alliance 3 could be the brother of Hugh Jackman, the Wolverine. 😅

Haha I see the resemblance too. Main point is that the current version doesn't resemble his original design at all.

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