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JA3 future?


JA3 next update should be:  

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  1. 1. JA3 next update should be:

    • Missing mercs DLC
    • Hardcore mode
    • Jagged Alliance 3.5
    • JA3 Wildfire

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23 hours ago, ShadowMagic said:

I'd wish to see more of JA2 and less from Xcom, Wasteland and Tropico.
Perhaps build on a better engine.

I'm just not feeling it. Miss the classic vibe.

Totally agree, just another Jagged Alliance Online, etc....
Nothing to see with JA2

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I'd be down for mini-expansion DLCs which would offer a few more sectors to explore, new mercs to hire and maybe new weapons to find in the world?

But I think it would be more realist to expect Merc Pack DLCs which would offer a couple of new (and of former) mercs to hire from A.I.M. (maybe 4 mercs by Pack, one from every tier).

The one option I'd be less pleased about would be cheap Merc DLCs which would only add 1 merc at a time in the game, it could be viable but it wouldn't be as good a motivation to start new games regularly which is what I'm looking foward with this game.

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