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Suggestion: changes to how grenade throwing works


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Don't know if it's already the case, but shooting in the arms should shorten the range of grenade tosses considerably, both for enemies and your own mercs. After all, you don't have much strength in an arm when you've just been shot in it, right?

Also, making explosives stronger based on your EXP stat makes no sense at all. Explosives (should) do a set amount of damage.
I also like the idea of the throwing accuracy being affected by DEX. Makes sense, and makes the DEX stat more useful as a main stat for something rather than only supportive for other stats.

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Makes sense to me! Esp. The explosive stat being responsible for expl. Damage is weird. My one explosives 04 merc can't really use rpg's effectively. Mortars are ok. 40mm grenades as well. Hand grenades have been useless from the start.

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