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About the game's fandom and who is looking over it

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Good afternoon,

I have been a long time contributor to game fandoms, mostly the Hitman and Sniper Elite ones. Recently I've runned accross an administrator in the Jagged Alliance fandom that can barely communicate in English and blocked me twice for no reason. The first time was when he told me to add licenses and categories to photos, and then blocked me for 3 days because I added categories to a photo I had already uploaded days before. Now I corrected an extra space for a comma in an article, which he reverted and chastised me with incomprehensible gibberish. When I commplained about his uninteligible English he blocked me for a whole month. Looking at my backlog I discovered he even blocked me from a page in a dispute over him not knowing what in the hell he was doing again. Out of spite he also removed other contributions I made. Who do I have to talk to in order to revert this ridiculous situation and to get rid of this moron?



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Just leave the fandom?

Insulted him made the situation even worse and youll blocked again.

Like having insulted an doorman in real life..😆

Even the best lawyer couldnt help you in this situation.


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