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Inventory and it's management (or lack thereof).



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  1. 1. How complicated do you enjoy inventory?

    • JA1 STYLE; Simple inv. with few slots and general inventory on the right.
    • JA2 STYLE; More inv. slots and big sector inventory.
    • JA2 1.13; LBE, Molle attachment system, pouches and the whole shenanigans!
    • I don't care what style, I just want DEDICATED slots for equipment! An AK magazine should not be able to fit in a grenade pouch!
    • I just want a bunch of squares I put all my crap in... I hate inventory management!
    • I don't even want to be bothered with the weight of items. I should be able to carry 12 guns, like on my computer desk!
    • Other mercs carry ME and MY gear and they simply hand it over when I need it.

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I ENJOY full realistic weight, equipment and pouch simulation. Having played a good amount of Airsoft, getting all kitted out was a big part of the fun for me.

But while that is what I'd like, I think it would be more realistic to expect at least JA2 style inventory with basic weight limitations.

I do like how some games put it with weight levels; where you do have a hard limit, but you also have various other levels of weight that will give negative aspects like lowered agility, movement speed, etc...

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Q: How complicated do you enjoy inventory?

A: Yes.

😄 it should have been a multiple choice question.

Sector inventory is a must.
I love the LBE system, although it could get wierd, putting bags full of stuff in your backpack full of bags...
Weight limit based on merc is also a requirement if you ask me. It's just off to have a farm girl in a juggernaut suit, LMG, mortar on her back.

But most of all things should have their own slots.

A modern take on N-pocket vests should be armor with Velcro stripes. You arrange the pockets as you see fit. Knife, scissors, mag pouches, sidearm holster, frags. I like finding the correct pouch, holster I want, especially in the camo tone I want it in.

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