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What are the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM FEATURES you would require (or hate) for JA3 to be what it's name implies?


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On 7/4/2022 at 6:05 AM, Biff said:

The ability to retreat. It's not true guerilla warfare if you can't use hit-and-run tactics.

Yes, this is something that does need to be fixed from JA2.

In JA2, if you want to go somewhere on foot and you encounter forces, going to the map edge to "escape" combat (because you know you do not have the forces or equipment) gives your team a big moral debuff.. this is not something that makes sense to me.

I would like to think you need to employ guerilla tactics and not advance like an invading force.

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Full voice acting for all the mercs is a must and absolutely necessary for a jagged alliance game. If they cant deliver that they can cancel this project because it will be DOA. For me this is the most important thing that needs to be done right or this will fail. Sure you also need good voice actors and writing too to make this a good game. The mercs should comment every situation and how they feel. 


After that the combat needs to be deep and the weapon ballistics should be realistic. How projectiles fly through walls and enemies. Interesting and diversified quests are also needed to keep it exciting.

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