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Bobby Ray's is back


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As of yesterday's patch 1.3, we now have Bobby Ray's back on the web. Here is a short overview of its features:

  • Sells everything, weapons, armor, ammo, parts, meds, tools, explosives and more.
  • You can sort by type within each category, making it easier to find whatever you are looking for.
  • Weapons and armor can come with modifications but these are rare from what I have seen.
  • Shipping has 3 options and they deliver only to ports located on the west side of the map. The farther the port is from the map entry point, the more the delivery will cost. You also need to control the sector to be able to select it for delivery.
  • For some reason parts and meds are more expensive than ammo.
  • So far have seen only basic ammo - normal, hollow point and armor piercing.
  • I feel that there needs to be a selection window when clicking on an item to type the desired number you would like to order. For parts, meds and ammo this currently involves a lot of clicking.

What is your experience with JA3's version of Bobby Ray so far?


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How is Bobby Ray's supposed to 'work'? I mean in the sense is it like JA2, with Bobby Ray's inventory improving as you progress through the game? I ask because I just returned to the game yesterday after being on holiday for a fortnight and the selection is woeful - e.g. I'm at 29th October in game and the only ammo worth ordering has been 7.62 WP standard. It's been several days since that order was delivered and stock has neither improved or replenished....

Is it that - despite the fact that t5hough I've actually made significant progress in the game - Bobby Ray's only recognises my 5 days' of game play since the shop went 'live' and that in order for Bobby Ray's inventory to improve along with my progress, I'd actually have to start a new game?

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@past caring
As you can see from my screenshots, I was at 29th of August and had a FN Fal, RPK and an AR-15 available for sale. I could also buy 7,62 NATO standard and 9 mm AP.

I was going for the Major's base and had liberated almost all of the mines. I would say it is tied to your in-game progressing. Not how much time has passed, but what you have liberated and completed as quests.

Give it a few more in-game days to refresh once or twice and you are bound to see new equipment become available. Naturally, you are bound to see better progression if you start a new game.

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