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  1. I thought this was all about going back to turn-based!
  2. Yes I think so, too.(Generally, could also be something going wrong) Let's not make them rush the development and then complain that not enough love has been put into it. From my stance, I actually wish that the development team gets enough holidays to fill up their creative batteries and feel nice and fresh while working. If we waited 20 years and thought the last tries to be unsatisfying, let's not make a fuzz about some months or even a year.
  3. I seemingly haven't posted my favourites here yet, so here are mine: (I probably posted a different collection in another topic though) 1. FAMAS - it's just one handsome gun 2. AKM - it's raw and rad 3. MAC-10 - it's cool Honorable mention: M-16- it's a classic
  4. Hey there, I think this thread is brilliant, thank You Godspeed and I hope the developers read all this very carefully. So many great posts so far. (e.g. by Hendrix) For me turn-based is a must, classless system, too. I also totally agree on the quality of writing. The characters, dialogue and so on. I just hope and wish, that the people making this, will have lots of fun doing so. Please get the right people and let them have fun with the writing. The right spot between serious and not serious was so nice in ja2. Gameplaywise I think it could make sense to have a pro-version or a pro-mode with all the micromanagement. They will probably be a bit shy with complicating the interface, because they will need to sell the game to someone. But on the other hand, we play to get challenged and there are a lot of people who like complex games. So I think it would work out to have it as complex as ja2. Concerning weapons I want quality as well as quantity, easy as that 😉 Also all different sorts of equipment, yes!!! ( it ain't serious if you ain't got to use a field bottle) Also I would like to have some scarcity. Some rare weapons, some rare Ammo. Also a sort of realistic weight system for carrying stuff around. I am also glad You all mentioned the non-linearity and sidequests. It's just nice to play the game a second time and you discover a sector you haven't seen before. Very important!!
  5. Steroid is always on my team. I like also Grunty somehow, never any trouble with him
  6. This would be awesome! And there are many possibilities which could be realized by modding. I could well imagine a coop-mode or a mode in which several players have completely different objectives, that cross each other. Or a scenario in which one team needs to take a building and the other must defend it etc.
  7. Hey Boian and Boyan, so You guys played the first two parts extensively? That would be good news! I think the possibility for modding will be important. Personally I think that the content is more important than the looks. I also liked about JA2 that one could make own decisions about how to progress in the game. Some games lead the gamer through a story too tightly, I don't need that. The tactics and strategy should be the main part. The story in JA2 was as simple as it could be and it was perfect.
  8. No just random Username, forgot about that Carl, I should play another round probably 🙂 I could think of having advantages indoors or using less action points. Pistols used up strangely many AP's in ja2. Sniper-Rifles are an interesting topic too! They should only really have an advantage if fixated on a pod and they should take up lots of AP. So much that you will only get to a full aiming if you wait one turn in order to save some AP (otherwise Sniper-Rifles would be OP i reckon)
  9. I think ja2 had only little weaknesses. Some more variety in furniture and landscape would be nice. The AI wasn't very good, but otherwise the combat system is just pure gold. Great chances to make it worse, if trying to change that at all! I also would not necessarily change the character development, because we are talking only of a couple of weeks of time here. So the only real thing to change would be graphics, terrain and slight changes to the interface. Maybe more vehicles and stationary weapons. I think the detail of story, surroundings and character interaction will be key. The gameplay is highly proven. Also the humour should be kept.
  10. Hey there, I'm also quite excited! I think AK and M16 are a must. As the game seems to take place in 2000 or so the weapons probably will be similar to ja2, which is alright. I'd love to see a good variety of submachine guns and pistols that have, in certain situations, advantages over rifles. In ja2 the small firearms and shotguns just got obsolete quite early. So here are some weapons I'd like to see: the .50 Desert Eagle, Walther P99, HK USP,and some nice revolvers! The Mac10 and Uzi should be there and the FAMAS Rifle definitely. Also the plastic-exposives and flash-grenades. Also different kinds of Anti-Tank-Weapons. It would make sense, that killed enemies drop everything. But to avoid too many looting stuff, they could drop highly used weapons that need repairs or maintenance and only drop little ammo. A great variety of different firearms would be great anyway.
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