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  1. Let's just say I wouldn't be surprised if somebody (doesn't have to be the entire company) at Haemimont is making accounts and going into the forums to put a good spin on things. Or the mods are completely terrible at their job and can't see when an obvious alt is being used...especially if that alt generally agrees with them on the most contentious issues like CTH...
  2. I disagree, crafting weapon mods would not work. Basic mods, ok. Advanced mods? Not only would it not be realistic, at least how I understand it, but it would also be an inferior alternative to having to find or shop for them which is much harder but also a lot more rewarding and cool.
  3. Lol even mod had to get involved I don't know @Solaris_Wave do you have anything to say in your defense? Case looking pretty compelling...
  4. I think this is a very good post. It's not the only issue I have with the current direction and design philosophy of JA3 but I do think the dev's are artificially restraining themselves for no reason. Some stats will be less useful, some more. It's just the nature of everything. Trying to balance everything and make strength as equally useful as endurance is bad, imo.
  5. Yeah you can't have a modern fighting soldier without a vest. This is just too out there imo. Where do you put the mags in? In your pockets? What about the side holster. What about the armor.
  6. It's something weird. The OP @anon474 already mentioned in another thread how he thinks one of the users here is a bot.
  7. The maps are smaller but I don't think its the worst thing in the world
  8. Wait IAN DID THIS? IAN YOU FOOL! I have enormous respect for Ian as a developer, but man, this is really unfortunate. The entire Steam forum for JA3 has about 5 separate CTH articles lol. I think we can all agree not including CTH at this point is a mistake.
  9. Another perfectly balanced individual enters the forum... 😆
  10. If you keep responding to me your account will get removed and shut down, I already reported you once for spam. This is not a request. I am telling you to stop talking to me and to stop harrassing me. You're crossing a boundary now.
  11. Oh god not this guy again @agris please stop spamming the forum
  12. Dang is your name Agris? Why are you yelling?
  13. I don't hate the devs or JA, but this looks like very very average "bought from alibaba" products with a Jagged Alliance sticker slapped on top of it. The only thing that looks half good imo is the pouch with jagged alliance logo.
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