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Interview with Jagged Alliance 3 Developers (Haemimont Games)


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Two days ago, an interview with Haemimont Games appeared on rbk.com. The interview was conducted at this year's Gamescom.

Source: https://rbkgames.com/publications/articles/intervyu-s-razrabotchikami-jagged-alliance-3-na-gamescom-2022/




Tell us about the main characters

The heart and soul of Jagged Alliance are mercenaries. Each of them has a unique character, traits, perks, abilities. We have kept this concept and expanded it. Heroes now have a deep backstory that makes sense of their motivations. We also tried to explain why certain heroes have such abilities. 

Unlike the first parts of Jagged Alliance, where mercenaries were visually represented as pixelated avatars, now we have detailed 3D models - you can see literally everything, from facial features to accessories and clothes.

Of course, the mercenaries are fully voiced. Moreover, we did not limit ourselves to just one recording studio, which is based in England. We also had to look for additional actors, because the characters differ in nationality and character. We wanted the voices and accents to suit them as best as possible. And it seems to us that we have coped with this task. 

We will have about 40 mercenaries, including the classic ones known from the first two games. We tried to modernize the latter, preserving the shades of their images in the style of the eighties and nineties.

How do you feel about modding? Will Jagged Alliance 3 support it?

We recognize that modding is an important part of the development of the series, which has kept the community interested in games. But we are not yet ready to discuss this topic. Maybe there will be support. It is hard to say.

How else will the personalities of the characters affect gameplay?

There is no way to influence directly anymore, however, you will hear comments from mercenaries about different situations. For example, when choosing equipment in the inventory, you will hear whether the hero likes this or that item and what he would really like. Based on this, it will be possible to make decisions (or ignore them if it is not possible to realize the desires of the characters). 

Also, the talents of mercenaries will affect the gameplay. Everyone will have their own tree that supports the overall story and motivation of the character. If the mercenary is a bully and a fan of bloody nose in a bar, then he will have talents for hand-to-hand combat and increased resistance to blows. And so on.

Will it be possible to reset talents for respec?

So far, there is no such possibility. Although, you gave a good idea. After all, this will allow you to complete missions in a new way. We will definitely think about it.

Do you have a roadmap? Are you planning any DLC or major updates?

At the moment, we are doing everything to ensure that the game we have released is stable and satisfies the players. After the release, we will fix possible problems and listen to the feedback of the players.





Strategic map.jpg

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Oooh Grizzly is back, was 1 of my favourite heavy gunners in JA2, was also regularly in my first team 2/3 of the game most times.

Now the psychopath Bull is missing, 1 of Grizzly`s best friends, was using Bull a lot especially start of the game and he was imo the best guy (may together with Dr.Q) for those Kingpin`s MMA fights.


The modified AK-47 also looks nice, the map will be also big which is a good sign for more gameplay time and research etc...

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