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[BUG?] Is Dr. Q broken? Unlimited punches with 0 AP!


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I think Dr. Q is broken. Twice now, I've been able to make unlimited punches even with 0 AP left. I wondered if it was part of some sort of special move. Because the punching ability seems to somehow be tied to some free moves. But I had 0 (zero) AP, and I was next to an enemy, manage to make 5 punches, 2 of them missing, and killed the enemy, then even prone from a standing position.

I manage to "replicate" a similar situation on the next battle. Had zero AP left, manage to "free move" next to an enemy and punched him a few times to death.

Kinda fun at the time of it happening, but OP and/or broken if you ask me.

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6 hours ago, sandman25dcsss said:

It depends on description i.e. is it intended by devs or not. Some games have abilities which guarantee killing adjacent enemy once per turn (usually with limitation for the target to be non-boss).

I'm also wondering this.. I can take what feels like unlimited FREE PUNCHES with Dr. Q.


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1 hour ago, sandman25dcsss said:

Yes, it should be fixed since it is not limited to just 1 kill per turn. See "11 kills" thread.

1 hour ago, Claudius33 said:

Yep. For the time being do not pick this perk or restrict yourself to not use it or only once per round.

Yes, I've reported it in the bug report of the game (CTRL-F1).

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