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hello i just have a strange feelings for the new game after reading the devs wanted to give classic jagged alliance feeling...

how can you give classic feeling with;

- no minimap

- no hotkeys for selecting mercs. i have always used 1-2-3-4-5 hotkeys for selecting mercs in ja2. actually some of you remember that sometimes the order of your mercs in squad was changing which was annoying but it was fixed with 1.13.

i mean really how can you play this game without selecting your mercs directly with hotkeys? clicking their portraits is really annoying.

- no inventory on tactical screen. even if they couldnt make inventory screen on real-time tactical screen, they should have done diablo 2 style inventory which only takes half or 1/3 of the screen while we still see the game without opening fullscreen inventory. everytime opening full screen inventory kills the enthusiasm/immersion. inventory management in this game is everything and should be accessable without opening full screen thing like laptop.

- the game graphics are badly optimised or my computer is very bad. i dont think games like jagged alliance should require high-end computers. this game kills the computer more than assassin's creed valhalla can. how can this happen?

- the cartonish graphics are not looking good and 3d characters with faces look funny and childish.

- weapon graphics? they are childish too like it was made for kids who play fortnite. can you please look at this?


these graphics are made for 13 yo kids rather than adults who wait for another legendary ja game for 20 years.


20 year old ja2 has better weapon images than the new game.

- last thing is screenshots shared by devs in dev. diaries. what kind of person shares 675 pixel height screenshots in the year of 2023? are these devs joke? i think, think and really can not find any reason for this. i have read all the diaries but stopped looking at screenshots after 3rd one. because nothing can be seen or read in low res pictures. people were expecting 4k screenshots in these days and end up with 675 pixel lol

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Mate, no idea where you live; but lots of gun shooting violence in USA has become a real problem for game devs. I think video games industry have mostly stopped license/trademark agreements with gun companies, and trying hard to distance themselves further away from real life gun companies. Hence guns in games are now often portrayed comical and unrealistic, for the sole purpose of 'game balance', not realism. Thanks Amreica, you really screwed this all up for the rest of the world.


Nowadays, if you want a better gun play experience, you have to become a LARP,  take up airsoft or milsim skirmish on a field faraway in private property.


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I personally don't have any problem with the gun graphics, they look good to me but I definitely agree on some other topics like selecting your mercenaries via hotkey, a minimap, and an inventory in tactical view.

I still think this could have been said in a more mature way without insulting the developers as being a joke and such. The internet simply makes some people bold and arrogant. Stay humble and respectful. 🤨

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