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Black Powder?


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I wouldn't call it a bug but a lack of weaponry knowledge. Black powder is not used in any modern semi or fully automatic weapons and certainly not in 7.62mm NATO but of course also not in the Warsaw Pact weapons either. It is nitro powder there, which is used from 1888 on, which much stronger and leaves the weapons less dirty. The steel of the weapons was improved at the same time in order to withstand the high explosion performance of the nitro powder - So please never load a black powder weapon with nitro powder! - However, in connection with JA3, black powder is actually only suitable for building pipe bombs.

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11 minutes ago, Melliores said:

In english it is called Gunpowder, which is an encompassing term for all explosive powder used in firearms. Are you playing the game in Deutsch and what word are they using in the translation?

Sounds like a translation issue to me.

Yep I know this. But it tells me is "Black Powder"(Schwarzpulver) which is a big difference and all should know it. I am owning guns in RL. In our Club we use both, the antique and modern ones and never ever mix the terms there.


Vorderlader Gewehr 1857 Württembergische, Davide Pedersoli




Those I own 😉


Find out the loads 😉 



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Yep, chalk it down to translation issue. They should have used Rauchschwache Pulver instead.

Keep in mind that not all translators are specialized in firearms and military matters. It is probable that while the translator might have been very experienced and fluent in German, they were not aware of the differences between different explosive powders. 🙂


I would report it via the Bug report menu ingame - that should allow them to address it in their next patch and possibly have a second editorial pass over all of the translations.

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