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Squad Supplies


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When you create new squad game automatically splits the supplies. i dont like that. for example i am lefting wolf for repair and training militia in the town and when i do that half of supplies goes for that one merc. it shouldnt happen. there should be box for confirming to halve the supplies.


also shift or alt clicking to any supply on sector stash screen, should make transfer all of supplies between your squad and sector stashes.

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Yeah this is an annoying choice that isn't telegraphed very well to the player. Especially with how common it is to temporarily split squads and stuff. Sometimes I throw one of my RPCs into my main squad and then take them out again, forgetting that they're taking half of my ammo with them. Then it's back into the interface to drag it all back... PITA.

If squads were generally static it wouldn't be an issue but just like JA2, I don't find this to really be the case.

I'm not sure if Haemimont would address something so fundamental with a patch, but it would sure be nice. Along with sector stash auto-sorting like JA2 had, auto-merging of item stacks, and item categories.

At a minimum, a "send all squad supplies to different squad" button would be very useful.

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In sector map your only option is using sector stash if you want to give someone all of some supplies, otherwise for partial supplies two squads should be on the same sector, then you need to manually enter the map, then click on supplies and select split-give option and choose the other squad.

Dunno why they made it complicated like this, probably because of inventory interface was designed for consoles.

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