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  1. Best part of the game: The game world, the mercs, the turn based combat, the overall immersion. Worst part: The UI/inventory including strategy layer (assigning mercs etc), superhuman perks like lightning reflexes, loss of proper JA style stamina system, janky realtime pre-combat
  2. LMAO They were dumb as bricks in JA2. You throw a light, and make them turn in the same direction. Then Razer creeps around behind and knifes everyone because they just crouch facing the same way and never turn around.
  3. If that's the case, I certainly have no objection to a redesign. The look and feel of the UI contributes significantly more to the overall immersion of the game world than it appears (looking at how BG3's UI gradually became less DOS-like over early access) ..
  4. Not early on. 40-50 med is more than sufficient, even in JA2 (medical skill also went up rapidly in JA2 compared to 3). Buns and Mouse are therefore great early picks.
  5. The visual inventory mockup posted on these forums, of the screen showing your whole squad and their loadouts on one menu - that is kind of what I'm hoping for at the very least. Theoretically that is just a graphical change that can use existing code.
  6. UI/Inventory changes usually require massive code refactoring. As a dev, it's one of the things I dread most, because everything will break.
  7. Bobby Rays is really not necessary when the simpler fix would be tweaking of item drop rates. Need lockpicks? Make them drop more frequently from enemies and chests.
  8. I think it's a display bug, or maybe it shows the merc that will recover the fastest
  9. Are you looking for Biff? In my game he went home after being rescued.
  10. Having JA2 style turn based on enemy spotted would definitely alleviate almost all of the stealth jankiness that players are finding problematic. It seems pretty easy to do, and a much better solution than active pause which just turns it into another game.
  11. If they add this, it could probably be extended to being able to move enemy corpses.
  12. The Commando is definitely better than it looks on paper.
  13. Yep, it also doesn't help that splitting stacks can't be done on every screen. The whole inventory UI needs a serious overhaul - it's even more cumbersome than 1.13
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