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Bug? Autosave of playthrough 1 overwritten by playthrough 2


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Currently, I have two playthroughs going at the same time. I noticed that the autosave and quicksave files from one playthrough are disappearing as I play the other playthrough. It seems that only one quicksave / autosave at sector enter / autosave at combat start / autosave at turn 1, etc. can exist at a time. I wonder if this is a bug, as I almost erased one of my palythroughs that way. Luckily I had a manual save file.

I would like that each playthrough has its own persistent autosave and quicksave files that are not affected by other playthroughs.   

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I think you can give different campaigns individual names (I've seen default names like "hot diamonds" that were sometimes the same for different campaigns). Maybe that keeps autosaves separate? But haven't tried it as I have only one ongoing campaign.

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1 hour ago, J1v1n said:

Then this is definitely a bug. This should not happen. Have you already reported it @div_zer0😳

No, I have only posted about it on this forum. 
As I wrote in a different post, I don’t have a “Report Bug” option in the game menu (I’m playing on Steam Deck). Not sure if that’s another bug. 

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