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enemies attacking downed characters


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that is really a great feature. Kudos to the person who wanted to include it like this in the game...

There's 5 enemies with guns left standing, but hey I choose to knife the guy already half dead on the floor, and kill him proper, he might get up again...

fucking ass design choise, but well done in pissing a player off....

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4 hours ago, username55 said:

that is really a great feature.

They tell you about this among the first few battles on Ernie island.

They even spell it out that Downed enemies CAN be killed and you most do everything to get help to them ASAP.

The game is actually EXTREMELY easy because of this "feature".. as I've never suffered a lethal hit yet, in 67+ hours of gameplay. In JA2, I would have lost the equivalent of an entire 6-man squad already.

In case such as this, everything must be done.. including putting more "attractive" bodies in front to attract enemy fire, using smokes, shooting hands to reduce enemy accuracy... etc.

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I am aware that downed enemies can be killed.

And it is quite hard to do something about it if it is the enemies turn and your guy gets shot down, and then the enemy knife wielder decides to move up and knife the downed guy into Valhalla...


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