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Loading Quick Save Bug


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hello, every time i load a savegame, my selected merc is changing like a total joke. so devs, if i save a game with selected merc loading this savegame should not change this. this is very very basic of the pc game world and somehow you totaly missed it. currently save game feature is broken as it doesnt remember selected merc. plus, please dont remember to remove confirmation box when you hit F9.

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Maybe is resolved in the new patch :



- Enemy attacks from guard posts on the First Blood difficulty trigger less often
- Diamond mines deplete to 50% income on First Blood difficulty; 20% on Commando difficulty; 0% on Mission Impossible (Community Suggestion)
- Mines now show how close they are to depletion in their tooltip
- Fixed a bug that scaled mine income up when depletion began
- Machine gun damage reduced
- Machine gun number of interrupt attacks are now based on current AP not max AP (calculated at end of turn) (Community Suggestion)
- Fixed a bug with Machine guns interrupt attacks getting aim bonuses when they shouldn’t
- Grenade and Rocket-Launchers mishap chance and deviation now depend on distance to target (Community Suggestion)


- Increased drop chance of black powder
- Increased Scully Health so he qualified for the golden perk he starts with (Community Suggestion)
- Savior perk no longer grants Free Move
- Fix for bonus damage from explosives applying twice when using grenades (Community Suggestion)
- Changed thresholds for displaying keywords for mishap chance with explosives


- Fix for stopping the Grimer Hamlet quest too early
- Fix in the conversation of the Grimer Hamlet quest
- Fix for Sanatorium fail condition not to trigger when the quest is completed
- H4 Fort L'Eau Bleu will launch attacks properly when retaken by the enemy

Sat view / Operations

- Water travel can now put you in debt, and is available when already in debt (Community Suggestion)
- Militia training operation - the button for training is disabled when there are 8 elite units already trained
- R&R at Manny's Inn's sector is enabled (Community Suggestion)


- Fix for desync when opening weapon modification screen in MP
- Fix combat end turn ready/not ready state visually not updating when guest leaves in MP

General Fixes

- Fix for missing merc silhouette when using melee Free Aim on an explosive barrel
- Fix for mercs not being able to rest if there is a current active banter
- Fix for Infinite loading screen softlock when loading during a setpiece or enemies reposition
- Fix for load/save changing the ammo capacity of some weapons
- Fix for an issue preventing Bandage to remove Bleeding out of combat if the target is at full hp
- Fix for Mortar visuals appearing distorted
- Fix for Sharpened Melee weapons reverting conditions
- Fix for issue which would cause movement cost to not include the cost of changing the stance at the end of movement and fail the action as a result
- Fix Loner perk activating at combat start instead of turn start
- Fix for emails marked as unread after reloading the game (Community Suggestion)
- Fixes to the shootable landmine count
- Fix for softlock when a lieutenant dies on the start of their turn from a status/environmental damage effect
- Fix for softlock after opening the laptop screen or Help Center during Split & Give item option
- Fix for UI disappearing when pressing open the "command menu" in the inventory panel - when using a gamepad
- Fix for being able to load a game while loading
- Fix for Quick-Prism Scope giving max aim instead of 3 aim levels on activation
- Fix for issue when refilling Medkit with drag and drop for single Meds drops the Medkit condition to 50% Bug
- Fix for Overwatch kills not counting to "Automatic kills" combat task
- Fix for incorrect visibility check leading to UI giving movement warnings when it shouldn't
- Fix for an issue that would reset the number of overwatch attacks to their initial amount when killing a unit

- Inventory context menu - hide some actions for stash items that are in different sector
- Fix for rollovers of underground sector (such as the Fosse Noire mine) points of interest
- Fix for an overlap in floating text between skill checks and banters
- Fix for Mishap chance tooltip not updating properly
- Fix for exclamation mark in email tab not disappearing after reading all emails


- Improved VRAM management to address various performance issues

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