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not the challenge I expected (dead is dead)


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The Challenge / mode should be called: DO NOT TRIGGER ANY BUG...

Sooo, I decided to go with a playthrough with the Dead is Dead option and forcing myself to think more long-term and play more safe rather than relying on previous saves to fix my mistakes. What I haven't expected though, is getting stuck by the well at G6 just a few minutes after the enemies have left, while still being locked in conflict mode.

In other words: I am in a conflict, but have 0 enemies on the map. Can't progress time, can't reload the sector-enter save, etc. Basically my playthrough is over, because of poor quality coding and a bug that hsould have been caught and elimianted before the release. I can walk around the sector (which doesn't progress the time either), and admire the view of the well at 21:03. FOR. F... EVER.

Great job.

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This is imho the biggest problem with things like 'Iron Man mode': while they provide the most exciting and challenging gameplay, a single bug can instantly bring an end to your playthrough.

Had a similar thing while playing XCOM: Enemy Unknown earlier this year. I was struggling to make it through the missions but managed to do so by the skin of my teeth. And then a glitch caused my highest ranked soldier to end up outside of the map and I was forced to abandon him because withdrawing was required for success. And this loss caused to back into the negative feedback loop where I couldn't get high ranking soldiers because too many recruits died during missions.

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