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List of all the ‘shops’?


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Not that many, and not that useful (as I recall). The best are the R&R merchants, who sell magazines for 1000$ present in:

  • Fleamarket (along with other merchants who have nothing useful and their stock doesn't change:
    - Molotov @ 800$
    - Modded Glock 18 @ 1500$
    - Modded MP5K
    - Med Kit @ 1000$
    - Knives
    - 7.62 WP Hollow Point @ 300$
    - you can sell parts there
  • Fleatown (only one stand)

Then there is Istadi in Port Cacao with good but random stuff for crafting for 1 bag of CHF (well, GCF more likely 🙂 )

I sometimes visit the Old Lady in the Port Cacao Docks for HE grenades (1000$ for 3) I think. She also carries heavy armor (1000$), modified FN Fal (2500$) and a modified RPK (no idea).

I do recall two stalls in Pantagruel Outsikrts (not sure) with some mustard gas grenades (?) and meds. Again, not too useful.

You can sell 50 meds for 2000$ at the Sanatorium.

The prices are as I remember them, so there might be some errors.

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