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THERE MUST be aim percentages... beuty of the shooting in JA2


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5 minutes ago, Image Miroir said:

Make aim percentage optional.

This way those who want it, will activate the option; and those who don't want it, won't.

Therefore we can move forward and solve significant issues.

Yes true that would be better!

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5 hours ago, Martin said:

It must be in the game headshot 40% chest 80% and stuff... that is why shooting in JA2 was so good..

Except it wasn’t part of JA2 at all. Not the original one intended, developed and released by its creators. Fact it was added later for snowflakes doesn’t count. 

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No. The way to do it is as it was with JA2, but make it official what parameters are being used. I tried to make sense of it with JA2 but it was difficult. Here's a copy of an answer i made at another forum, it's not 100% correct, but a general idea.

The philosophy behind my reasoning is that, this way, you have to use your head, and is not just given the answer outright. Part of playing a game is being forced to use your head a little bit.


I just read through this guide: https://www.fadden.com/gaming/ja2/ja2-official-secrets.txt?fbclid=IwAR0GVDFORvV5H900H_QA6d0EBiTEqWB7LT26OLFFQYNwPbfUkh8U -2hWn0A

Guns with weapon range: https://fadden.com/gaming/ja2/weapons.html

I wonder if i have gotten it correctly with this:

Scope or Lynx shooting while prone against a prone enemy at 25 range with a Mini-14, 0 health and breath loss, 0 shock value, 4 aiming points. No bipod, laser scope or sniper scope. First time hitting, so the 10% bonus to hitting same enemy as last is ignored.

99 = Marksmanship
40 = Aiming points spent
20 = 10% bonus crouched, 20% bonus prone
-40 = 2% penalty each tile after the 5th; 2 x 20.
-29 = Gun range - (Sight range x 3) / 1.7. (Mini-14, 25 sight range x 3 - 25 = 50 / 1.7 = 29)
-40 = Prone enemy above sight range 14. 3% penalty up to 20% or 40% depending on crouching or prone.
-00 = Shock value = 10% of health loss and 5% of breath loss, up to 10, 5% to hit penalty each point.
-00 = Breath value, up to 50% with 0 breath points left. Reduced by dexterity; 100 dexterity = 10% of penalty.
-00 = Life loss value, up to 66%. Reduced by experience level; Level 9 = 80% reduction. Bandaged wounds penalty is halved.

159 - 109 = 50% chance to hit.

That seems quite low for me for the start of the game. And it also means that every marksmanship point below this reduces the chance to hit by 1%! So anyone below 69 marksmanship will have 0% chance to hit with a Mini-14 under the same circumstances.

Am i missing something?

Edit: Forgot about 10% crouched and 20% prone bonus. That helps out a bit.

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