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Wanda and the old ones


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Yeah, I know I made the right choice and the old ones are at peace... CAN WE FINALLY GO PLANT THE ROOT?

More sriously: what needs to happen for Wanda to actually give me her quest? I got the intel, I have the description to drop the shield on the Crocodile outpost, and I KNOW (metagame knowledge requirement is a result of a bad game design) I need to do a quest for her. Which she won't give me. On the last playthorugh she gave me the quest liek two weeks after I got the outpost, so yeah, "I don't care, go plant it yourself".

Is there anything special that needs to happen so that she wakes up from the 'old-ones-are-happy' catatonic state?

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Have the same issue. Completed the blood sample quest in that sector before properly engaging with her and now the old ones are at peach and I have a notification about voodoo that won’t go away. 

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