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Claustrophobia lasts forever


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Not sure if any of the developer have claustrophobia or ever have met a person with a claustrophobia, but I am sure that the implementation of it in the game is ridiculous. I get it - going into a confined space is a traumatic experience. But once you leave a closed space you feel relieved, and should not suffer a PERMANENT (?) morale penalty. Even if it's not permanent it lasts far toooo long. Like a month at least for now. Really? a MERCENARY - a paid killing machine that can't get over visiting a basement after a month or two? Seriously???

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The game is barely getting started. Presumably there are at least two or maybe more official bugfix / balance patches coming.

Im finally getting toward the end of my first playthrough but will probably wait for any and all "official" patches to be released before playing it again, even if it takes a year or so.

I suppose if there are still legit bugs in the game by that point I would consider using mods to address them. I'm a bit hesitant to add them to a playthrough already in progress, though.

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