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Massive Community Poll with Desired Updates

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Someone feels called to set up a massive poll, in the right way, where we have limited votes, and vote for the major aspects to be included or fixed?

AI, difficulty, mission variety, hit animations, you name it...

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That would actually be a very good summery of this forum for those of us that don't have the time (and don't want to) to read 10 pages of "devs MUST do that", "it's too expensive, but I will buy it", "CtH or devs are stupid" on every topic.

The problem is that the author has to be:

1. Sane.

2. Not formulating biased answers according to own views.

3. Willing to spend a bunch of their time for a tiny ungrateful bunch for free.

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I thought about something like that, when several hot topics came up, yet it was very difficult to know the general opinion of players about them.
This could provide a measurable feedback to the devs. Not perfect but still significative.

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