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Patch 1.1.1 released


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This 1.1.1 hotfix does address some issues introduced in yesterdays patch while also fixing a few other issues.

List of fixes:

• Stability improvements and fixes for the black screen experienced by players
• Fixed a crash when talking to King Chicken
• Fixed an issue with items remaining stuck on screen after the inventory is closed
• Fixed an issue where combat will restart immediately after it ends
• Fixed an issue with cancelling Overwatch that will cause mercs to start with 0 AP
• Resolved a case where deployed mercs will not properly appear on the map
• Fixed an issue with several black screens flashing when Esc is pressed repeatedly in the Inventory
• Changed how tiredness is accumulated
• Updates to the modding documentation and the sample mods
• Restored Left-click to move in options

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I was wondering about the Left-click to move situation. As I have now started playing the game and am building a list of positives and negatives about it, one of my negatives is the alternating between left and right click to move, depending on what mode you are in. I remember other people saying this when the game first came out and there was a response as how to change it. I looked in the Options screen and found nothing. I guess a previous patch removed the option to change it, as I didn't start playing until the first or second patch was released.

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5 minutes ago, D13 said:

@Solaris_Wave  Yes, the option was removed with 1.1.0 but reintroduced with 1.1.1. If you can't install 1.1.1 for some reason, here's a workaround.

Thank you. I will see if the patch works successfully when I play later on. So far, I am playing the game unmodded to see what it plays like, the way the developers intended. Therefore, the patch should neatly install over the previous one.

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any optimization for asus rog ally?  and steam deck on windows?  i love the jagged alliance series but it is unplayable max 20fps with drops ;/ please optimize this wonderful game i love you!  Polish fan of JA

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