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There is the modding editor.


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I checked source code and I don't see any conditional logic for displaying Mod Editor menu item. Still try installing any mod and then restart the game, maybe I am missing something and mod editor requires at least 1 mod already installed. Unless I am misunderstanding and you still had no Mod Editor menu item even when mods were available. Do you use Windows by the way?

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@Haemimont_Pavel I have to apologize if I appeard to be rude. It was never my intention to attack any individual. I tried to make a joke about my disappointment that Steamdeck users are excluded from the modding tools for some reason I do not understand.

That said I have to point out, with all respect, that I am rather upset. Not only am I unable to use a feature I would like to use, a feature I feel somewhat entitled to as I payed for the game as anybody else did. But also I wasted hours of my life troubleshooting this issue which was, if I understand it correctly, deliberately implemented into the game by the developers.

I would really like to understand the reasoning behind this decision as it completely escapes my mind at the moment.

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On 8/30/2023 at 9:53 AM, Haemimont_Pavel said:


The conditions for the Mod Editor button is to not be Platform.steamdeck. As far as I know Proton is used by Steamdeck. That is our best guess. 

Hi, could you provide some more information. Like where exactly is that line of code to be found? Maybe one could mod it so we could use the modding editor on the steamdeck.

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