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Memorable moment's (earlier JA games).


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Please share your memorable moment's from your earlier JA games.

Specifically nasty battles. That plan that unfolded exactly as you planed it. Tragic losses. Humorous shootouts. What is your tale?


I can start by sharing this:

A 1.13 version 47xx, playtrough.

Day 1 in Omerta. Approx 07:03.

I had hired Scully as a sort of team leader to balance out the otherwise week members of my team.

I was clearing the sector of hostiles and had reach the final 1-2 enemies left in the southern parts, when they received reinforcements from the south.

Scully is on a rooftop prone, finguring he can snipe the enemies whit his aksu74. Overall things are going well and about 4 enemies remains.

An enemy from the reinforcements races up and from a long distance unleashes a large volley of suppressing fire from his CG M45 smg, loaded with glaser rounds (later looting revealed his equipment).

Not one but three of the rounds hits the prone Scully in the head bypassing his armour and causing over 200 in damage, instantly killing him.

So.... Day 1, first sector, loosing my main merc...

From there it definitely became a struggle!

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1.13 imprinted a couple memories to my brain, about 10 or so years ago.


It is also one of my favorite parts in the game; the Drassen Counter-Attack!


I had a nice little team: Igor, Fox, Dr. Q, Grunty, Buns and myself.

We we're decently kitted out for the early stages; Sl8, Mini-14, MP5A4 and the likes.


I usually play the Drassen Counter-Attack in a very defensive manner, I like to prone my team on the roof of the 'toilets' (near the bar) and I mainly take care of ennemies coming from the east and some from the south, while militia provide meat shields and slows the ones from the west until east and part of south are done away with.


Also, note: I play Ironman Mode on the regular difficulty most of the time. I load a save if my IMP dies.


Things we're going pretty well, I was having a good time really, forces from the east we're decimated, nothing comong from my section of the south..

..decided it was time to advance slowly towards the west to provide a little support to whatever handful militia were left.


My agile IMP and Igor we're playing scout when I got THAT unlucky headshot!

No more supporting militia, I had to fall back to cover with Igor, while the other mercs were still ALL on the rooftops a few houses away.


My IMP was unconscious, bleeding and had 3 turns left of bleeding to death.


I wanted to do EVERYTHING not to have to load that 1-2 hour battle again..


I managed to pop a smoke near my IMP, take a few potshots at the soldiers and Fox was able under intense fire, to provide me with a shot of that miracle drug! I was at 1 hit point left, Fox had no more AP to move, most mercs we're behind by about 3/4 a turn...


Next turn I advanced everyone to the MAX to spread the chances of being fired on by 6 instead of 3.


Most got slightly injured, but it had given my IMP that turn to be able to get back up and be bandaged by a very small amount.. just enough so I could retreat to the next corner.



It was just enough so I could run to a corner of the map, regroup and restock, replan and go back of the offensive.. with my IMP as a backline support only.


Most intense firefight, "stress" and memorable moment of any game I've ever played. Everything was chaotic and risky to the max.


1.13 set the bar for what I want in a TBS game.

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I also have many fond memories of militia/soldier firefights that I was around to assist.


That is actually something I NEED to have in JA3; the opportunity to watch militia and soldiers battle it out and have my mercs as the support.


It's such a dynamic game with so many layers you know; it's a tough job to even enumerate all the features in one concise text.

All these little details really sets Jagged Alliance apart in my opinion. Sure, many games have many good features, but it's just the mix of features, the rpg system and how everything just blends in that makes this stand out compared to the competition.

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