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Please fix the Bugs!

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Hi dear Devs.

I understand that you moved to other projects and you won't be releasing anymore DLC or Free Patches but I think a bug fix should be in store for the buyers of your game.

Since the last update, some presets in the mercs creation of the Mod Editor doesn't work anymore so when we set the condition 2+ Mercs died in the last 14 days, the 2+ gets ignored by the system no matter how many times we apply it and stays at Zero.

I already had sent a bug report about this almost a month ago and no fix ever came our way.

Pretty sure there are other bugs in there cause a subscriber of mine reported to me that one my my mercs (Amanda Smith) that is actually created the same exact way like everyone else of my created mercs, became all of sudden a NPC after the fight with Jackhammer at the prison.

She was still hired under the AIM Database but he couldn't use her anymore.

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