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On 6/24/2022 at 5:24 PM, Ingo said:

At the interface, commands and real time level, are we going back to turn-based movement? I really liked the mechanics of Crossfire and Back in Action with the spacebar stop

I thought this was all about going back to turn-based!

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Once you get the hang of it, Back in Action's combat system becomes a lot of fun, but I think a true Jagged Alliance game should be turn-based. Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll add both like Fallout Tactics did.

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I appreciate Real-time with Pause in games that do it well:

Baldur's Gate
Dragon Age
Mass Effect

Where it becomes a little bit tedious in games like:

Brigade E5 / 7.62 High Calibre
Jagged Alliance Back in Action

They calculate fractions of seconds.. and I hate going through some process of looking at gamified weapon stats for time to aim, raising weapon times..etc..

I also feel it is too much when you have multiple squads fighting different fronts because of constant micro-pausing to look here, look there.. you end up having to put the game in slow-motion and checking to see where a grenade is being thrown while the other squad on the other side of the map is taking fire and injuries.

At the point it is a real-time strategy game like Men of War (which is awesome for that type of game).

I don't hate real-time with pause at all, but I hope that Jagged Alliance 3 continues in the footsteps of Jagged Alliance 2 and stays true to its roots.

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