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[MINOR SPOILER!] No way!! Some hints of Lovecraft!? :o


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On 7/19/2023 at 5:05 PM, LoboNocturno said:

Nope, not at all. What is that ? (without Googling) 😁

H.P. Lovecraft is  writer of 'horror' short stories, dating back to early 1900's.

His horror is completely different to 'horror' in general... it isn't about vampires, ghosts, zombies, monsters, gore...etc..

He wrote Stories such as "The Call of Cthulhu", where the person in the story slowly becomes mad or "crazy" because of what he is learning. In his stories, it happens quite often that the character walks upon some tribal-style sacrifice or frenzy where they are "praying" for the "elder one" to arrive.

Not gods, or devils/demons... but cosmic entities that span time and space and aren't like things we can "fight"... thus, the reason that the person(s) in the story slowly are driven to madness. It's "horror" in a different way.

Ever hear games being "Lovecraftian" ?

The "Amnesia" horror games have a slight Lovecraftian vibe to them.. but very game-y. There is a game called Call of Cthulhu that is a little bit like the Pen & Paper Roleplaying game called "Call of Cthulhu".

Anyways.. very often in Lovecratian lore, or his actual stories, "The Old Ones" refer to some eldritch being, usually one that has a cult on eart that is trying to invoke it.

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