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What was in 21/7/23 steam patch?


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While Steam shows the update history, I don't know why more games don't feature an internal changelog for easy reference. Something you can visit while in the Options screen. I have seen games in the past that will patch often and you have to guess what changes were made. You might not even find a text file in the game directory.

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It is a design choice - Steam update history can be viewed without starting the game. GoG has a similar feature in GoG Galaxy. In general it is better to store any software changes outside of the executable so they are readily available at any time.

Some developers choose to also display them within the Main menu at a prominent place - I have seen this only in early access games that do a lot of updates like Against the Storm for example.

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> Zooming is now possible in overview mode.

Well... it is now possible to zoom IN but we still can't zoom OUT any further than the default zoom level 🙄 so still not better overview than before.

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8 hours ago, GODSPEED said:


A little bit more though. 



  • Economy: Mines will drop income much slower when they begin to deplete 
  • On combat end, interactables are now automatically highlighted, and toggle state (on/off) is now persisted across maps. 
  • Zooming is now possible in overview mode. 
  • Hand-to-hand specialization can now be used while merc is unarmed 
  • Fixed issue where no mercenaries are available for hire & AIM database would be empty. 
  • Fixed issue where free move APs could be used for an attack. 
  • Fixed issue where music and some other sounds would play in mono instead of stereo. 
  • Fixed giving ammo from one squad to another. 

Detailed changelog:


  • Fixed issue where the melee attack icon wasn't greyed out in the UI when the merc doesn't have enough AP for attack but has free move. 
  • Fixed issue where Entering inventory sometimes breaks deployment phase and setpiece 


  • Fixed a crash at the end of the Twin Manors quest. 
  • Fixed a problem with properly completing the combat in C7U 
  • Fixed a situation where some enemies would not spawn in Old Diamond causing players to be stuck in conflict with no enemies. 
  • Fixed issue where Chimurenga would disappear when he is about to retire. If you are already in D8, you need to reenter the sector from another sector for him to appear. 
  • Fixed some cases in which the conversations with Boss Blaubert can start twice or reference things that have already happened 
  • Fixed potential exploit where in a conversation that requires a specific item would progress successfully but not take the item if its not in the current squads inventory. 


  • Fixed issue where during cutscenes on Ultrawide the Movie Black Bars would squeeze the image. 


  • Combine items now uses the most skilled merc in the sector (instead of the most skilled from the squad) 
  • Fixed issue where the weapon rollover would show O dmg if it was in the sector stash; 
  • Fix issue where repeatable emails (like for contract expiration) would not mark as read. 
  • Fixed issue where Swapping single-slot weapons from inventory did not consume AP while in combat 
  • Fixed camera zoom resetting when changing maps or exiting overview mode. 
  • Enable scrolling in main menu when closing sub-sub menu. Example "Show merc badges" from the Options menu. 


  • Operations now refund crafting fee on cancel/abort 


  • Tuned Ultra shadows to have less heavy effect on FPS


  • Fixed lock up in reassigning mercs in co-op during deployment 
  • Fixed soft lock where Sat view retreat of retreated mercs wouldn't trigger when remaining mercs on the map died


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