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Interesting interactions between mercs in JA3


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There is a lot to like about how the mercs come life after a few hours playing with them in your squad. The ones I have enjoyed so far are:

Omryn and Larry, the Snack attack team - I laughed out loud when ordering them around the tactical map as part of the same squad. First Omryn says "Will there be snacks?" and on the next order Larry adds "Can we stop for snacks on the way?". You can not help but look for some treats for those guys. 🙂

Igor and Ivan - the classical duo, Ivan scolds Igor to behave himself, yet Igor wants to enjoy life and drink from time to time.

Fox and any other female merc - there are great interactions between Fox and Buns and Fox and Kalyna. Possibly Vicky as well, seems like at any time there might be a cat fight. 

Chimurenga and mercs that can not pronounce his name - Igor calls him Cheburashka (a beloved Russian animated series character), Grizzly names him Chimichanga (a sort of mexican baked dish in the vein of burrito). Poor Chimurenga, he can not catch a break. 🙂

Have you noticed any other hilarious interactions between mercs in JA3 ?

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Fox and Grizzly, i have only encountered this one. Fox briefly discusses if Grizzly would bang Emma or not.

I also like reactions from mercs, if you make a good kill or connect a hard shot. Barry probably has the best reaction to female mercs "You fight just like my sister, only less Hungarian"

Livewire is total cringe zoomer who doesnt belong to 90s rambo drama

Kalyna just annoys the sh*t out of me. I dont know why they inserted woke culture to 90s rembow drama.

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Igor and Kalyna have some fancy dialogue between one another. So far that's been the only pair on my team that has actually had any idle chatter about... things other than "OH! SUCH-ZEHR GUT SHOT!" after killing somebody. The girls in my group are constantly back patting eachother for kills though.

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